Sunday, August 3, 2014

Walking With Purpose

In 33 days the MS Challenge Walk begins aka I'll be walking 50 miles in 3 days.  Training is important.  Very important.  This year I'm having a hard time with motivation.  Last summer I trained well and it helped. A lot.  I need to step up the training over the next month because in the end it will make the whole event so much more enjoyable.

I'm trying to focus on the purpose of the walk.  It is a time to come together with my MS family, a group of people who are "get it." A group of people who all want a cure to MS as much as I do.  We raise so much money and have so much fun all for an amazing purpose.

I bought new sneakers last month.  I went with the same brand/style as I previously had but this time got wide which already seems to be making a big difference.  I got the Saucony Ride 7 wide.  The store I bought them at told me this was the only color available in wide but now I see online that isn't the case. These aren't my favorite colors but I went for comfort/fit over fashion!

I only bought 3 different types of running socks all recommended by different people as their favorites.  I have tried each pair once and I don't have a favorite yet.  Also despite their "no blister" guarantee I've still had the start to blisters with each of my longer walks.  I'm just prone to blisters on the toes no matter what I do (Vaseline, body glide, mole skin, band-aids, etc).  Once I determine which brand of socks I like the best I will be buying more pairs for the walk.  Have you tried any of these?  What is your favorite brand?

Now on to the fun stuff.  Photos from each of my training walks!  The collages are in reverse order with my most recent walk first. . . 

Today I walked 9 miles, my longest walk yet.  I walked along the Charles River, through the Public Gardens and then down Newbury Street in Boston.

Since it was my longest walk yet and I had to walk right by Sweet I figured I deserved a reward.  It was SO good!

Sometimes when you do training walks on The Cape you walk to Cuffy's and Christmas Tree Shop for some browsing!  This walk was 6 miles.

When I was on The Cape for 4th of July weekend I got in 2 training walks.  Both were 6 miles and I went in different directions for each because seeing different scenery helps motivate me to walk further!

This was a 5 miles walk around my neighborhood wearing my "Ask me why I wear orange" shirt!

This was my first training walk of the season on Memorial Day weekend (well first official training walk - I did walk many miles all over Italy in May too)! I took the T to the Boston Common and walked all the way home - 7 miles.  I actually didn't mean to walk quite that far for my first walk but it seemed silly to jump on the T once I was so close to home so I just kept walking.

I realized I am very lucky to be able to do my training walks on The Cape and in Boston.  You can't get much better than that!  I also realize how lucky I am that I can walk - MS has not affected my mobility and for that I'm thankful.

I will walk 50 miles in 3 days for a purpose.

Someday I hope there will be a cure for MS and I won't have to ask people for donations.  But that day has not come.  So I will continue to ask.  Will you support my fundraising by making a donation?  I have to raise $1,500 and every dollar helps.

Thank you!

I'm looking for walking partners.  If you live near me and want to walk after work or on a weekend let me know!!!


  1. You got some great photos and congrats on 9 miles! That would take me For-ev-ER!!!

  2. So awesome that you've got so much pretty scenery while you walk around!!

  3. So incredible that you do this walk and your training is so inspiring. Your photos are so lovely. Can't wait to see more of your walks and keep up the amazing work!

    xx 365hangers

  4. Thanks for sharing your beautiful training walk photos!

    If you're ever looking for company on a Boston area walk, let me know.

    I need to start my own training walks for the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. 26.2 miles in one day isn't as tough as the 3 day 50 mile MS Challenge Walk, but I know I should still train so I can recover quicker after the event.

  5. What an awesome cause! You definitely deserve a treat after that :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. I'm telling you, get Injinji socks. I get blisters like crazy, like three on each foot after a long day at Disneyland or whatever. I haven't had a blister since! They are toe socks so each little piggy is protected. You'll be seeing me wear them this weekend! Also, my walking shoes are so much uglier than yours. BRIGHT blue. They are all bright and busy looking these days though.

    I love that you take pictures on your walk and always have a new route. So fun!