Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Italy Vacation: What I Bought

So remember when I went to Italy?  I managed to do a little shopping while there.  I didn't want to buy too much and I didn't want to spend too much money but I always like to bring home a few mementos.  Whenever I go on a trip I have my typical items I like to buy - pottery/glass, Christmas ornaments and paintings/artwork.  I feel like those are all items that I can use once home and also are great mementos of another city/state/country.  So here's what I got. . .

I bought this ornament in Cinque Terre - Monterosso to be exact which is the village we stayed in while there.  I actually bought this just in case I didn't find anything else in Venice.  I actually forgot I had bought it and "found" it when I got home and unpacked. 

I bought this painting one night while we were in Riomaggiore watching the sunset.  The artist was sitting there painting and I love supporting local artists.  He was actually originally from Croatia but living in Cinque Terre.  I love that it is small, will be cheap to frame and will give remind me of the most wonderful days spent in those five villages!

I also grabbed these postcards while in Cinque Terre (prior to the night I bought the above painting).

Pesto!  Cinque Terre is pesto country so I had to buy some.  Oh and that reminds me I need to make some pasta and use this!

Venice had some great shopping and I bought the most stuff while there.  I found a great jewelry store that sold all this cool stuff made of beads.  I had the hardest time choosing and finally settled on the 2 bracelets above.  I loved the way they looked with my gold Alex and Ani's too!

This bowl - I love it!  Love it!  I had my eye on it for a little while and made sure to look around at several shops before buying it.  Love the blues in it.

This ornament is my favorite.  This is the one I really wanted.  I love it.  So pretty and I can't wait to hang it on my tree.  It will always remind me of Venice/Murano.

I also bought this ring in Murano.  I got my mom and black and white one too.  So simple, easy to pack/bring home and something that will get a lot of use!

I HAD to get my nieces these pretty masks while in Venice.  I gave them to them at their dance recital instead of flowers and they matched their costumes perfect!

So that is what I bought!  Vacation shopping is the best.  Love looking for the perfect mementos to bring home.  What is your favorite thing to buy on vacation?


  1. Ooo you got some really great stuff! I like to buy paintings or photographs. We collect pins since they're small and easy to find. We have them on a cork board for now. Eventually we'll find a cooler way to display them.

  2. Looooove that bowl! Green and blue is one of my fave color combos

  3. The postcards look like real paintings. The girls look so cute in their masks!

  4. Love your finds - any chance do you remember which shop in Monteroso you purchased the ornament from - have been searching for awhile