Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Italy Vacation: Murano

On our second day in Venice we decided to leave the mainland to check out Murano.  We had heard great things and I'm so glad we went.  We took a waterbus for what seemed like forever but fortunately it was a scenic ride!

Murano is a cute little village/island filled with colorful houses and shops.  There are much less people than Venice and it has a bit of a calmer feel.  Of course Murano is mostly know for glass making so we had to do some shopping!

After walking around and checking out all of the shops we enjoyed a lovely lunch while sitting outside.  Of course I had MORE pasta because the trip was nearing the end and I had to make sure I had my fill.  Ha!

We checked out the glass making demonstrating which was well worth it.  Such an art and so talented to be able to make so many different things out of glass!

I ended up buying a ring for myself and my mom.  I also bought a beautiful ornament that I can't wait to hang on my Christmas tree this year.  I will be sharing what I bought in a future post but the Italy Vacation recap posts are now OVER!  It only took me a few months. . . hope you have enjoyed. I have loved reliving my vacation!!!


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I feel like I was right there with you. Such a wonderful place to visit. Haven't been there in years. Now I want to go back like now!!

  2. We visited Burano, which I think is even farther away. Talk about seasick on those little taxis! I couldn't get over the colors of the houses though! So pretty!