Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Doing Good With MAAV

For anyone that in newer to this blog you may not know that I am on the Board of Directors for an organization called MAAV (Melrose Alliance Against Violence).  I've been on the Board since I started working at the hospital (over 4 years ago) and it truly is a group of the most talented, generous, dedicated and fun people ever! 

Every summer we have a Board Retreat and in the past it has been on a work day in a local hall with a guest speaker as the focus of the day.  This year we decided to change things up and make it a real "retreat" in Kennebunk, Maine!  One of our board members, Mary, offered up her father's home for the day.  A few of us ladies went up the night before and I'm so glad I went.  It was SO much fun.  We grilled out and had a delicious dinner and then played "charades" on the iPad.  We laughed so hard and stayed up past midnight!

The next morning the rest of the crew arrived (a few people couldn't make it and we missed them and they missed all the fun)!  We sat in the backyard and did some ice breakers and shared why we stayed involved with MAAV.  It was really great to hear everyone's reasons and I feel so fortunate to be on a Board of Directors with such amazing people for an organization that does such important work.

I shared more photos from my time in Kennebunkport here and since I was already in Maine I got to see my college friend Taylor and visit Portland Head Light which I blogged about here!

A few days later I went to Cut It Out at Avenue Hair Designs in Melrose.  It is a great program where DA Ryan goes into the salon (and all other area salons were invited) and talks about their special role in helping victims of DV.  It is so true. . . people open up to their hair stylist right!?  They need to be educated so they can point their clients toward resources that can help.  To read more about this program read the follow up news article here.

The is the "walk committee."  Every year MAAV has a walk and candlelight vigil during DV Awareness Month (Oct) and the committee gets sponsors and does a bunch of other behind the scenes stuff.  I'm actually on the "Leadership Team" for the committee again this year and I'm in charge of team photos.  So if any of my local friends want to volunteer to take photos on Oct 19th let me know!

This is my busy time of year with MAAV and my busy time of year in general b/c it is MS Challenge Walk time and Fashion Plates meetings too.  So as you can probably guess I'm very excited for my 4 day Labor Day weekend coming up!

If you want to know what MAAV is up to follow on Facebook here and Twitter here!


  1. I'm not new to this blog, and I had no idea this is something you were involved with. Great stuff, Jodi!

  2. Seems like you have a busy month coming up. Sounds like a great program to be involved in.