Sunday, July 27, 2014

WaterFire Providence

This weekend I check something off my summer bucket list that has actually been on it for several summers!  WaterFire in Providence is just what it sounds like - over 80 bonfires that are lit on the river.  The event is more than just the fires on the river though. There were tents with food, drink, crafts, etc.  There were street performers too!  It was a beautiful night to walk around outside and we had such a nice time.

These blue stars were on display in a garden like area.  The lanterns on the ground have personalized messages to people's loved ones.  The whole area was so pretty and magical.  The blue stars were on sale for $40 and I think they would look so pretty in a backyard (which I don't have)!

The street performers were very cool! I can't believe they can stand so still for so many hours especially when it is hot!  I'd be curious to know how much money they make in a night from tips.

I never spend time in Providence.  Before going to WaterFire we had dinner in Federal Hill at a really cute place called Mediterraneo.  We all loved our meals and sangria!  The service was excellent and the prices were reasonable.  Oh and they serve complimentary limoncello with dessert.  I tried it again and I still don't really like it!

I didn't get home until 1AM!!! That is the latest I've been out for a LONG time!  It was worth it.

Have you every been to WaterFire?


  1. Stopping by for the first time from the link up. What an amazing event! That looks very fun!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  2. That looks like an awesome event! I've never seen anything like it!

  3. I went just last month and I loved it. So peaceful watching all the fires burn. The shopping and the food is always great there.

  4. How Fun!! I haven't been to water fire in years. Now, I want to go!!

  5. All those lanterns are so pretty! I love outdoor events like that--it looked like a fabulous time!

  6. That looks cool! I love the lanterns too.

  7. Party animal! lol Looks like a cool event. I always look forward to your posts :)

    Thanks for linking up and supporting MMG!

  8. This has been on my summer to do list for years as well. Next year, I really need to work on making a trip!