Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe with Blog and Tweet Boston

If you don't normally read these kind of posts I encourage you to read THIS one.  Why you ask?  This is by far the BEST food event I've been to with Blog and Tweet Boston (and I've been to a lot).  Hard Rock Cafe treated us to an outstanding event and they did everything right!

Above photos provided by Hard Rock Cafe
So last weekend I went to lunch at the Boston Hard Rock Cafe in its newer location (it moved to Quincy Market area in 2007).  I'd been once before a couple of years ago with my friend Taylor since she worked at the one in Lake Tahoe and could get us a discount (and the night was memorable because she dropped her iPhone in the toilet)!  I'd been to the older location in Copley once or twice in high school for birthday celebrations.

Above photos provided by Hard Rock Cafe
Honestly it is just not a place I think of to go for dinner.  When I think of Hard Rock Cafe I think of tourists.  Why would I want to go to a tourist trap in my own city?  I certainly didn't think of it as a restaurant to go to for its food and drinks. . . well now I've changed my mind.  They've redesigned the menu and we got to try it all out!

From their press release:
Hard Rock Cafe’s menu takes center stage as the brand rolls out a newly redesigned menu, following more than 14 months of culinary development, intensive research and guest evaluation.  Officially launching on Wednesday, March 26, 2014, Hard Rock Cafe locations across the United States and Europe will begin serving a host of new offerings and updated fan favorites to more than 92 million guests who enter its doors each year. 

Like I said. . . they did everything right.   

Here are 7 reasons why. . .

Sangria!  Everyone knows the way to my heart is sangria.  As soon as I walked in the manager walked up to me, introduced himself, and offered me a sangria.  Nice touch!

The food display.  My iPhone photos can hardly do the food display justice but take my word for it.  Simply amazing!  They had samples of all the food we would be eating on display and labeled with CDs.  We could take food photos and drool over all the delicious food we would be sampling.  One other event I went to had the food on display but this was one step better because of the way it was displayed and how it went along with the music theme!

Personalized menus!  Again please excuse my crappy iPhone photos and trust me that this was such a nice touch.  I am usually trying to type notes into my iPhone so I can remember what we sampled.  This gave me more time to eat since I didn't have to do that!  Plus we could see what was coming next and try to pace ourselves since it was SO.MUCH.FOOD.

This external hard drive.  Not only is it adorable because it is in the shape of a guitar but it actually was loaded with everything we needed - all the photos I used above, info about the restaurant, and the press release for the redesigned menu.  How amazing is that?  Again just such a nice touch that they thought of what would make it easy for us to blog about the event.  Very smart!

The food and drinks.  Everything we tried was delicious.  I don't even know where to begin. There was so much food.  Like enough for three or four meals!  Thankfully since I don't eat red meat I was able to pace myself a little better and not eat as much.  But Kerri (one of the organizers) was so thoughtful and remembered that I don't eat it so she told the Hard Rock Cafe and they made me special orders of things I do eat!

So when they brought out the hamburgers (3 mini ones) they made mine with chicken instead.  When they brought out the BBQ they brought me the spiral mac and cheese with chicken (which was awesome).  Then when it was time for the tuna and ribeye they offered to make me another meal which I declined because I was SO full.  Most of the bloggers took those to go because they were so full too!

The desserts were delicious and they brought us three different ones in mini portions (Thank God)!  I loved them all but would probably pick the brownie sundae as my favorite.

We tried all the drinks pictured above and I liked all of them except the Salted Caramel Cafe - mostly because it was a hot coffee drink and I just am not a big fan of those.  All the others were so good and my favorite was the Red Berry Press.  It came in that cute press glass jar and the server "pressed" it when they got to the table.  It mixed it with the berries and made it so sweet and delicious!  I would definitely order that in the future.

Blogger group photo!  Before we left they asked us to get in a group behind the food display for a photo.  So smart!  I often leave these foodie events with no people photos and it makes me so sad.  I was so happy they thought to do this!  What a fun photo of all the great bloggers who were there.

A free shirt!  Some may call it a bribe.  I just call it generous!  How thoughtful that they offered all of us any shirt from the merchandise shop!  When the manager told us they had "one more surprise course" I think we all cringed at the thought of more food.  But when we found out it was a shirt we were pretty excited to shop!  I chose the blue shirt in the top left photo.  It is really cute and I've already worn it!

So those are the 7 reasons this was the best foodie event I've been to with Blog and Tweet Boston.  Hard Rock Cafe really thought about what bloggers would want/need to make this a great event.  Kudos to them.

Next time you think Hard Rock Cafe is just for tourists (like I once did) think again and give it a try.  I'm sure you will be glad you did!

About Hard Rock Cafe Boston:
After 18 years of rocking Copley Square, the Hard Rock Cafe Boston opened its doors in the vibrant Faneuil Hall area at 22-24 Clinton Street in 2007.  The venue is one of the city’s largest entertainment destinations with more than 16,000- square feet of space including a 480-seat restaurant, our Cavern Club featuring  live music, special events and billiards, and a Rock Shop offering Hard Rock’s iconic and collectible merchandise.

Where to find it:
Hard Rock Cafe Boston 22-24 Clinton Street Boston, MA 02190 Phone
617-424-7625 Fax / 617-353-0844


  1. What a fun event! Love how thoughtful they were of giving you all the information you would need to put a post together. The food and te drinks look amazing!! I would be stuffed too.

  2. Nice! I went to the Copley one in high school too but I haven't been since. I'll have to try it. We went to Spain in college and everyone wanted to go to Hardrock and I was like WHAT.

  3. I haven't been to a Hard Rock Cafe in yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrsss, I always thought it was a touristy place. What a kick ass event, and the food looks fantastic!

  4. The Hard Rock is so much fun! We stayed at the hotel in Hollywood, FL and it was a BLAST! They just have the coolest atmosphere.

  5. Wow that looks like such a fun event! We don't make it a point to visit Hard Rocks, but sometimes we'll stop in for dinner for some good American food.

  6. The loaded nachos I tasted at Boston restaurants were too good; they had on a nice lettuce on top (not iceburg) and were such a great deal overall.