Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Italy Vacation: Riomaggiore (in Cinque Terre)

So you may remember that in May I went to Italy and then proceeded to blog about it for the next two months.  Like it or not this is my last post in Cinque Terre then we move on to Venice!

The last village in Cinque Terre we visited was Riomaggiore (aka village #1).  This village did not disappoint!  We loved it and got some beautiful photos. 

I know that I took A LOT of photos of pretty much the same thing but how could I resist?!  It was just SO pretty!  I love all the colors of the buildings and despite the cool night it was beautiful and we saw a gorgeous sunset. . .

This seagull was so crazy!  He was sitting so close to the people and just didn't care.  It was like he was posing for me!  I love the photos I got of him!

I love that a bird flew into my photo right as I was taking it! So pretty!

I had to convince Stacy to stay for the sunset but I'm so glad she agreed because it was SO pretty.  It was worth waiting for a later train.  Riomaggiore was great.  We really enjoyed our dinner and walking around! 


  1. Those pictures are amazing. The light and the colors- love them.

  2. You are killing me with these pics. I really want to go to Italy. I would not want to live on the cliffs though. Scary!!

  3. Cinque Terre is on my bucket list, and it is even more so now that I've seen these breathtaking pics. I'm kicking myself for not going when I lived in Italy, but hope to get there one day!!

  4. Amazing pictures! I love how that little village just sticks of a rock into the water. Great sunset too!

  5. Your pictures look like postcards!