Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Italy Vacation: Corniglia and Manarola (in Cinque Terre)

Hello July!  How did you get here so fast?!  I really can't believe that this weekend is 4th of July weekend but I'll take it because I have a 4 day weekend!  Woo hoo!  That makes this a 3 day work week which I'll take anytime.  I'm heading to the Cape on Wednesday night and hoping that my early departure will mean no traffic.  Fingers crossed.

Anyways. . . where were we. . . oh yeah Italy!  Yes I realize it is now July and I went to Italy in May and I'm STILL blogging about it.  What can I say?  It was an amazing trip and I'll drag it out for a bit longer to savior every moment of it!

Today I'm sharing my quick visit to Corniglia (aka village #3) and our dinner visit to Manarola (aka village #4).

Stacy and I jumped on the train with our Vino2Go wine cups to head to Corniglia which was the least hyped of the 5 villages in Cinque Terre.  We had to take a selfie to document the moment - keeping it classy with our own wine.  In our defense we had spent a lot of money by this point in the vacation and we figured we would save a little money!

We got off the train in Corniglia and could see this beautiful view of Manarola and then we looked toward Corniglia and we saw this. . .

 . . . 33 flights or 382 steps!  Yup more stairs!  I had read in the travel book that there were stairs but I guess I missed the part about just how many.  Stacy took one look and said, "no thanks!"  She wasn't kidding.  I figured I might only be here once so might as well see it all.  I didn't have much time because the next train was coming about 20-30 minutes later (I can't remember exactly).  So I ran/jogged up the stairs - in a maxi dress, with flip flops, and my vino2go!  It wasn't easy!

When I got to this point in the stairs I took this as a sign.  Mary was telling me I could do it! Even in flip flops.  Haha!

I made it to the top and then still had to walk another five minutes to get to the main part of the village.  I wish I could tell you it was worth it. . . glad I saw it but not much to see.  I walked around for a few minutes and snapped a few photos to prove I was there!  By the way Corniglia is the only village without water access which is probably why it is a little less beautiful than the other villages (in my opinion).

On my way back down the stairs this was my view of Manarola.  It looked so pretty and I couldn't wait to get there!  After all those stairs I was hungry!

Stacy and I made it to Manarola and walked around a bit before dinner to check out the village.  It was pretty and hilly!

It was gray and cloudy out and even rained while we were eating dinner (luckily we were sitting inside)!  But the rain and clouds were worth it because when we were ready to head home we saw the most beautiful sunset from the train station!

Just having the train tracks along the ocean is spectacular enough.  I mean who gets those kind of views while traveling by train.  But then to also see a sky like this?  Just breath taking!  Oh and it was FREEZING!  We were so cold we couldn't wait for the train to come!!!!

I liked Manarola.  The views of the village are gorgeous from Corniglia and the village itself is cute when you are in it.  I think that the other 3 villages are prettier but I'm still glad we made the visit here for dinner!  P.S. This is also the village where we couldn't find ANY gelato!  What the heck?  How could there be no open gelato shops?  This might have something to do with me not liking this village as much.  Ha!


  1. These pictures are breath-taking!! What a wonderful vacation. I want to travel to Italy so bad.

  2. So jealous! Those sunset pictures... AMAZING!

  3. these photos are amazing!! so gorgeous!

  4. Those stairs, wow..you're a rockstar! Your sunset photos are gorgeous! But how could there be no gelato? That has to be some kind of violation of Italian law.

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