Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Weekend

I had a 4 day 4th of July weekend since I took Thursday off from work and it was filled with relaxing and fun times. . . just what a long holiday weekend should be.  Here is my photo dump!

My festive 4th of July clothing worn on Friday and Saturday - loving the red, white and blue!

White sangria that I called "Red, White and Blue Sangria" since I added strawberries and blueberries to it.  It was REALLY good and a bit hit at my friend Jaime's cook-out cook-in (thanks tropical storm Arthur).  Despite the crappy weather we had a great time!

Always a highlight of my summer, Hyannis Sound, the acapella group made up of college aged boys  (who are way too young for me but oh so cute)!  Not only did they sing my all time favorite song (Jesse's Girl for those of you who don't know) but they also sang a "Frozen" montage and it was AWESOME.  The fact that they could sing those songs without laughing/smiling was simply amazing in itself.  If you are ever on the Cape in the summer I highly recommend seeing Hyannis Sound. Every time I've been it has been a GREAT show and it is only 12 bucks for adults!

There were two MS Challenge Walk training walks - one that was 6 miles and one that was 5 miles.  I had hoped to walk everyday but the weather didn't really cooperate on Friday and I was lazy one of the other days.  Two walks is better than nothing!  Training walks on the Cape are filled with beautiful views which make the walks so worth it (see many photos at end of this post).

There was time laying out at the pool which included leftover sangria.

There was a campfire with my friends Noelle and Chris that included my favorite summer treat. . .
s'mores!!!!  Plus sitting outside on a cool Cape night in front of the fire is the BEST! 

There was a day at the beach with my friend Kendall and her family which included some "surfing" and some sun bathing!

We continued the fun into the evening by going out to dinner and then cocktails and playtime in the backyard.

And lots of photos opportunities of beautiful Cap Cod. . .

So Arthur really only ruined the actual 4th but didn't get in the way of beautiful weather on the other days.  I still managed to fill in lots of fun and time with several different friends.  I also got to finally see my grandmother who came home from Florida in May.  We had a homemade dinner (cooked by my mom) on Thursday night that was delicious.

That was my 4th of July weekend in a nutshell.  I think it included all the "must do" things for a summer holiday/long weekend don't you?!?!?


  1. The Cape is so gorgeous! Looks like aside from Friday you really made the most of the long weekend. Even getting in some training walks! Looks like a great time!

  2. Fantastic pictures! I LOOOOVE a cappella groups! When Steve and I went to Boston a few years ago, I dragged him to Tufts to hear the Beezlebubs perform. One of the highlights of that trip!! Glad you had a great weekend despite the weather on Friday!

  3. Lovely photos! It's gorgeous there. I love a cappella groups.

  4. You were making me jealous of your weekend the whole time! Looked fun!!

  5. Glad Arthur didn't totally ruin your long weekend :) Love your red, white and blue outfits.

  6. What an amazing way to spend the 4th! I wish I could have seen Cape Cod on a warm day! :)