Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Visiting Frankenmuth, MI

Did you know you could feel like you were in Germany without even leaving the United States?  I sure didn't!  When I read about this town I immediately knew I wanted to visit during our trip back to Michigan.  The town is charming and it met all of my expectations!

Fifteen German immigrants from Franconia, Bavaria founded Frankenmuth in 1845.  They were advised to settle here by the Rev Frederick Schmid, Lutheran pastor of Ann Arbor's German colony, founded in the 1820s. Other German agricultural villages were founded in the Saginaw Valley in the 1840s and 1850s.  Here as in many other areas of Michigan, German settlers have contributed greatly to the state's cultural heritage.

Unfortunately we only had a couple of hours to explore Frankenmuth but it was enough time to walk around and take in the beauty of this town.  The day started out rainy and gray but by the time we arrived it was beautiful.  The sky was so blue and the sun was hot!

 Who doesn't love a covered bridge?!  So pretty!

Can you stand it?  It is just too cute for words!  Oh plus they have beer gardens and a brewery too!  Such a fun place to visit.  I love that this little German town is such a hidden gem of Michigan.

Of course, I was on a mission to find a German bakery.  It took a couple pit stops first (like at an amazing fudge shop and another homemade candy shop) before finding Zehnders Marketplace which included a bakery.  I got the most delicious strawberry tart that had a layer of sugar cookie crust, custard, white chocolate and of course strawberries.  It was SO good.

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland
As if the adorable German town isn't enough there is more. . . A CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND too!  Talk about too much fun in one afternoon.  Bronner's is the biggest Christmas store I have ever see.  It is amazing.  You name it - they've got it!  I have never seen so many ornaments in my life.  They had something for everything you can think of. . .

This place is incredible.  I would love to take my nieces here.  They would go crazy.  So many decorations and so many things to look at.  Such a fabulous place.  If you are ever looking for a unique ornament and can't find it search their website because I'm telling ya. . . they had everything you can think of!  Everything!  Well no Red Sox Christmas tree but what can you expect in Tigers country???!

Have you ever been to Frankenmuth?  If you live in MI you must go and if you ever find yourself visiting MI make sure Frankenmuth is on your list.  I also learned that there is a town called Holland, MI and now I must go there next!


  1. That looks so fun! I went to Germany a few years ago and the houses looked very similar. German chocolate, yes please! That Christmas shop looks amazing and you could spend hours and lots of money there.

  2. Great photos, Jodi! Looks like you had fun, but if you ever make it to Frankenmuth again, please let Dan and me know. It is not too far from us and where our Walk MS team, Team MonsterS, walks every year. Yes, we are lucky!!

    Take care and thanks for sharing your travel adventures with us,


  3. The town looks like it's straight out of Germany! So cute!