Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars

I'm not a teenager but I'll admit that I like young adult books and movies.  I don't feel so bad since so does the rest of the world.  Everyone has been talking about this book and movie for MONTHS!!!!

I read the book while I was in Italy.  It was a great vacation read.  I had it on my iPad and a night when I had jet lag I read almost the whole book.  I was laying in the bed in the dark crying!  I really enjoyed this book.  I think the author really gets teenagers.  I think he really gets cancer too.  The book had so many moments that seemed so real.  It is such a sweet young love story. . .

I didn't see the movie on opening weekend but I made sure to see it this weekend!  It did not disappoint.  I think they did a really good job sticking pretty close to the book for most of it.  Of course it was less detailed but still good. 

The casting was excellent.  Shailene Woodley/Hazel is the same girl from The Descendants!  MIND BLOWN!  I loved that movie and she was the main reason why.  She was so good in that movie. I was so shocked to hear this was the same girl.  She looks so different (plain) in The Fault In Our Stars that it is hard to believe she is also the same girl from Divergent (I still need to read that series and see the movie but it is on my short list).  How cool that this girl has been in two big movies that were books?!  She is quite talented and I LOVED her in this movie. 

Ansel Elgort/Gus is a cutie.  He seemed older than her in the movie and I wish they would have picked someone a little younger.  But in saying that I think he did a great job and the chemistry between them was so cute.  They really showed what young love/first love is like.  He is a charmer and would sweep any girl off their feet! 

Peter Van Houten's assistance, Lotte Verbeek/Lidewij has the most beautiful long red hair.  Please tell me it is real.  I love her hair!  Random I know!

So please tell me I'm not the only non-young adult loving this book/movie!?  Have you read it?  Have you seen it?

What else should I be reading this summer?  I'm currently reading The One and Only by Emily Giffin and like I mentioned Divergent is on the to read list (think 4th of July weekend I can buzz through all 3).  What else are you loving for summer reads?


  1. I have yet to read this but it in my list so I can see the movie! I am trying to finish my current book The Good Girl so I can get into done lighter summer reads! I got 3 new books from the library so it will be a good reading summer for me.

  2. The book was amazing, Iknow we talked about this. I feel like the author portrayed to a T what it's really like to be and be seen as a sick person. Nailed it on the head. I'll be waiting til the movie comes to On Demand!

  3. Oh, I've been dying to read this! Which do you think I should do first, read the book or see the movie?
    The Divergent series doesn't even make my "favorites" list so don't be in too big of a hurry to read that one, ha ha! In fact, I haven't even seen the movie because I was so bummed with the books (the last book to be exact).

  4. Of course I have seen it! Can I borrow the Emily Giffin one if you have a hard copy? I am trying not to spend on books but am dying to read that one!

  5. I've read a lot of heavy stuff. Good, but heavy. I need to lighten up.

  6. I havent seen the movie or read the book. Which do you think i should do first?

  7. I liked the book more than the movie. Surprise surprise lol. That being said I did like the movie. It was hard to enjoy bc there were people crying LOUDLY behind me in the theater. Like sniveling lol. I legit had to hold my mouth to stop myself from laughing.

    I want to read The Giver. Somehow I never read it in school but the cast looks great for the movie.

  8. I sobbed through the whole end of the book...I could not watch the movie, without being a complete mess. I will have to take a look again at Divergent, given the buzz. I'm currently half way through The Signature of All Things...pretty good so far.