Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Red Sox Game at Comerica Park (Detroit)

Another day. . . another travel post. . . seriously one of these days I'll get back to blogging about normal day to day life but until then you will be hearing more about my recent travels!

On Saturday we started out our day in Michigan just relaxing.  After our very busy previous day we needed a slow start.  I enjoyed the beautiful weather by just sitting under the umbrella in the backyard.  Then Lee made it even better by bringing out a tray of goodies.  Such a great way to start the day!

We headed into Detroit and on our way to the baseball game we made a quick stop at the VA Hospital to see a display that includes a photo of my grandfather.  It is from the book Portraits of Service
which I blogged about here.  He actually attended the POW group at the Ann Arbor VA Hospital which also has a display!

We parked near Comerica Park and went to Small Plates for dinner.  It was really good!  We tried a bunch of different things and literally everything we had was delicious especially the french fries and mac and cheese!  Oh and the sangria of course was delicious - I had to try both the red and the white!

We watched the Belmont to see if California Chrome would win the triple crown (too bad he didn't) and then made our way to the game.

It was a beautiful night for a baseball game.  We had 2nd row seats along the first baseline.  Literally the best seats I've ever had at a MLB game!  The guys sitting behind us were wasted so we had to listen to their ridiculous trash talk.

Did you know they have a merry-go-round with tigers!?  Coolest thing ever at a ballpark!  Do any other MLB parks have one?  I think this is such a fun idea!  I think Fenway Park needs one too.

Frank (who was a very good friend to my grandfather and even named one of his sons after him), my mom, Lee and me!  This was after the game and two of us were not very happy with the outcome of the game (that would be my mom and I for those of you who didn't watch - sadly the Red Sox lost).

After the game we were treated to fireworks that were shot off from the field.  We moved to the first row since the people in front of us left.  They weren't the best fireworks I've ever seen but there were pretty good and it was very cool to literally be right under them.  I really wish Fenway could do fireworks b/c it is such a fun way to end a summer baseball game!

We had such a good time and I must admit that the Tigers fans were pretty nice (which likely had something to do with the fact that their team was winning the entire game).  There were a lot of Red Sox fans there too which always adds to the fun.

I love going to Red Sox games on the road.  Next on my list is Seattle (Christina I'm coming for you next summer)!! :)  I also promised Rachel I would get back to Dallas for a game but only if the Red Sox are there when it isn't 100 degrees!

What is your favorite MLB park?  I'll add it to my list!


  1. I've only been to Minute Maid park in Houston, but I really enjoyed it. :)

  2. I have only been to Fenway but fireworks and a carousel is a good incentive to see others!

  3. I want to see a game there! Did you see the baseball Ferris wheel too?

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