Monday, June 23, 2014

Italy Vacation: Vernazza (in Cinque Terre)

Why take the train to Vernazza (aka village #4) when you can walk hike there?! When I say hike I'm not joking around.  It was quite the hike up the mountain and along the ocean.  It was hard! We were out of breath as soon as we started climbing but you know what. . . it was SO worth the most amazing views we saw.

Looking back on Monterosso as we started our hike to Vernazza.

I decided that the wine made by these grapes is allowed to be expensive because whoever has to hike up here to pick the grapes should be paid a lot.  I mean really!?  They get a great view while they work but they also risk their live.  At the end of those rows is the edge of a cliff to the ocean!

The trail was in great condition.  There were paths and cement stairs in many areas.  Oh and there were a lot of stairs. Who could count them all while breathing that heavy. . . just trust me.

Proof that we really did hike this and didn't steal the photos from online! Ha!

The ocean was the most beautiful shade of blue I've ever seen an ocean.  It was as breath taking as the hike itself.  So beautiful that I couldn't stop staring at it or taking photos!

Then we finally made it.  In a little over 2 hours we were finally on the other side.  The views of Vernazza from above were gorgeous.  We were so happy to be done with the hike and for the people who were just starting out (going in the other direction) we told them it wasn't too bad.  I mean if we could do it they sure could.  We talk people in flip flops (would not recommend that) and people carrying babies on their backs! 

I think this is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.  The colors of the buildings, the blue ocean, the green trees. . . all the colors are so wonderfully amazing together.  I just couldn't get enough of this view.

That tower is a WWII watch tower and that white marble piece is a memorial for WWI and WWII that is in the village.  I told you there were reminders of my grandfather everywhere - even in the littlest villages in Italy!

After all of are hard working hiking to Vernazza we deserved a drink.  I got a pina colada and it was terrible but who cares I was on vacation and sitting in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Do you think they planned it out and bought towels that matched their building?  Again with the laundry looking so artsy and pretty!

This is looking back at the hiking trail we came in on.  Hard to believe they could even make a hiking trail through that terrain but I'm so glad somebody did!

What else can I say about this place that I haven't already said?  Amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking. . . and me feeling so lucky to experience such a place.  How do I deserve this life?  I love to travel so much and feel so fortunate to have experience this trip and seeing views like I saw on this day.  Really an unforgettable experience.

*For anyone who may be going to Cinque Terre this is now the only trail open for hiking.  All of the other trails are closed (most likely permanently) due to unrepairable flood damage.  I was so disappointed to find this out while I think Stacy was relieved!

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  1. So beautiful! The colors are just gorgeous.

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  3. Wow, these photos are stunning - looks like an amazing trip (and you definitely earned that pina colada)!

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