Monday, June 2, 2014

Italy Vacation: Florence

Now that I've been home from Italy for two weeks it is about time I start blogging about one of the most amazing vacations ever. . . right?!  Is 22 posts about this trip too many?  Seriously! I have 600 photos and it took me hours to sort through them all.  I'll be sharing many of them because I want to remember every little moment and detail of the greatness of my time in Italy.

I left Boston on a Thursday night and took an overnight flight with a layover in Germany before my destination of Florence.  I hardly slept a wink which was unfortunate.  Stacy flew from London on Friday morning and her flight arrived into Florence an hour after mine. It is the smallest airport ever which made it very easy to find each other.  Like I'm talking REALLY small. . . 2 baggage carousels!  We grabbed a cab and set off to our room.  We quickly changed our clothes and freshened up deciding best that I just push through and try to stay awake.  We walked all around Florence checking out all the hots spots and enjoying the beautiful weather.  The exhaustion set in and a nap before dinner was unavoidable. . . so a short nap then back out to this cute wine bar.  I laugh at that photo of me because I think I look exhausted! 

After a good night of sleep we were both feeling refreshed on Saturday and ready for a full day of sightseeing.  Again the weather was beautiful which was welcomed after Boston's very long winter.  Below are photos in no particular order from our two days walking around Florence.

The Ponte Vecchio, one of Florence's most famous landmarks with paddocks of love!

I think early May is the perfect time to travel to Italy.  While it was crowded with tourists during the day it wasn't unbearable.  In the evenings the crowds lessened and we were always able to get great tables at all the popular restaurants.  Oh and the weather was fabulous!

Why is it that laundry hanging out of windows in Italy looks so beautiful and photo worthy but a clothesline here in the States is nothing special?

It wouldn't be a trip to Florence without a photo of the many Vespas. . . we only got almost run over a few hundred times!

Florence is a beautiful city.  I had fond memories of it from my first visit there while I was in college.  It held up to my memories and expectations and I was happy that I was able to see things I hadn't see the last time.  More to come. . .

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  1. Great pictures. Florence was my favorite of the places I visited in Italy.

  2. Beautiful pictures!! Florence is such an incredible city. Sounds like a wonderful vacation. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

    Best, Mree

  3. The trip sounds divine. I could just daydream about walking around Florence in the evening and grabbing an outside table to eat amongst the historic city. Looking forward to the next recaps!

    Thanks for being the featured blogger!

  4. So fun! When I went to Florence it rained the entire time and everything was closed up or under tents. These pictures make me want to go back in the sun! So colorful!

  5. Oh my goodness!!!!! This looks like a piece of heaven.
    I can't wait to see more.

  6. So many great photos- by the end of your recap I'll have been totally tempted into booking a trip to Italy. And then I'll have to sell my soul to pay for it!

  7. Everything seems more exotic when overseas even laundry! I want a Vespa but only if it comes with an Italian attached! ;) please tell me you got a pashmina?!

  8. What a fabulous city! I don't blame ya for taking hundreds of photos hehe

    Thanks for supporting MMG :)

  9. I love all your pictures! Florence is one of my favorite European cities that I've visited. I agree, May is a great time to visit. Or mid fall. Less heat, less people.