Sunday, June 29, 2014

Banner Review

You may have noticed the adorable banner in several of the photos at my Whiskey Tasting Fundraiser for MS.  If you missed my recap of the event feel free to check it out here first.  I'll wait! ;)

I was given the opportunity to make a banner for free with and the offer couldn't have come at a better time!  I knew I wanted to make a custom banner for my event but wasn't sure where to start. was so simple to use and I designed my banner quickly and easily!

Sorry about the glare on the banner.  I forgot to take another photo later in the event when the sun went away!  The quality of the banner is great.  It is thick and sturdy vinyl with pre-cut holes/metal braces in each corner.  I ordered the 2x4 feet size which is plenty big and worked great for my purposes.  It fit great between the two pillars in the bar right when you walk in the entrance.  It was the first thing everyone saw and then they knew they were in the right place!
Using the website to design the banner was simple.  The hardest part was coming up with the wording.  I knew I wanted to use The Bean Team logo and the Irish Whiskey Society of American logo so I put those on first.  Then I had to figure out something creative to say. . . I finally came up with "Raising money for MS one sip at a time. . ." and added the "Slainte" at the bottom which is the Gaelic word used for "cheers" but literally means health.  Because who doesn't want to drink to good health?!?  Haha!

The only thing I needed help with was getting the little accent mark over the "a" so I emailed the team and asked them for help.  They actually just went into my banner and put the accent on it and I was fine with that.  It made it easy for me since I didn't have to figure it out!

This banner retails for about $30 which I think it a great price considering I used four colors and the quality was excellent.  I will definitely use again for future events.

As mentioned above I received this banner for free in return of an honest review.  All opinions are my own and believe me if I didn't like the banner I would not have used it at my event!!


  1. The banner came out great. Very impressed you did it yourself with their help. I'll keep them in mind if I ever need a banner.

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