Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Favorites

TGIF! I love short work weeks! I have another one next week too since I'll be taking off early Friday morning for Michigan!  I call this my "summer schedule!"  If only I could work four days every week!  I'm linking up with Amanda today for my Friday Favorites!

Peyton and Ella had their dance recital last Saturday.  They did such a great job and it is so cute to watch the little ones dance!

They were so happy and proud of themselves! There were numerous family members there to watch which meant lots of flowers and gifts for the girls.  My mom gave them the stuffed animals pictured above.  I brought them back Venetian masks (pictured below) and they looked so cute when they tried them on.  They even matched their dance costumes!

I love this time of year because there are flowers in bloom everywhere.  I went for a 7 mile training walk and it was so nice to see colorful flowers along the way.

For Memorial Day the Boston Common puts out a flag for every person from Massachusetts that has died in service to our country.  I went last year too.  You can see more photos of the flags in my post from last year.  While sad to see how many people have died it is quite beautiful to see all those flags and know all those people fought for my freedom.

I got my "Prints for a Cause" the other day and I love them (sorry for the crappy iPhone photos).  I put the Do Good one on my desk at work and haven't figured out a place for Be The Example yet.  I love the colors I chose.

Eva is so talented and even the envelop looked adorable!  I brought that into work too and tacked it up in my cube!

There is still time for you to get your own print.  Not only will you end up with an adorable print to hang somewhere but a portion of your purchase will be donated to Kate's fundraising for the MS Challenge Walk!
The day before I left for Italy I had the opportunity to meet Carlyn from the blog Strangers To Friends. She lives in Denver but has family in Boston so was visiting for a few days.  Last year when I was at Blissdom I met Dawn who is friends with Carlyn and told me I should follow her online b/c she has MS too.  I started following Carlyn but we didn't interact much at all.  Then more recently we chatted online and made this meeting happen.  Carlyn is all about meeting new people and writes about how strangers become friends.  We actually have more in common than MS including a love for travel.  I don't think this meeting will be our last and I look forward to her next trip to Boston!

I'm the featured blogger this Monday for Leeann and Kimberlee's Monday Morning Gossip linkup.  You should link up on Monday too.  You can blog about anything!  I'll be finally blogging about Italy starting with Florence so you don't want to miss that!


  1. The girls are getting so big! Adorable!

  2. oh my gosh how cute are they in their little dance outfits!! love it.
    love all of those prints, so pretty!

  3. Love the flag tradition that is a wonderful tradition to have! The girls look so adorable for their recital. Also yay for the flower pics. Love pics of flower gardens.

  4. The girls are so cute! Love the prints!! The flag tradition is wonderful but sad at the same time.

    Best, Mree

  5. I am planning to hang my prints in my bathroom next to the mirror I think. Nice reminders when I am starting the day!

  6. I just love their outfits so cute!!! The gardens are just gorgeous!! Your prints came out great! Thanks so much for linking up!! xoxoxo

  7. Thanks for the shoutout!

    Seriously your nieces are so stinkin' adorable. They look like mini you lol. That sight of Boston Common is amazing. I bet it's so cool to see in person.

  8. If only every week could be a 4 day week! Your nieces are getting so big, they look adorable!