Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Boston Marathon, An Incredible Day

Monday was a beautiful day for a run (easy for me to say right?!)  For me it was a beautiful day to stand on Comm Ave and cheer on all of the amazing people who ran this year.  I've always been impressed by marathon runners. . . probably because I hate running and anyone who not only commits to running 26 miles but trains during a Boston winter is pretty awesome.  Yesterday was even better.  I just felt so proud of every single stranger that ran by.  Bravo!

My mom and I watched from Mile 21 which is at BC right after Heartbreak Hill.  We got to see both the male and female winners run by which was very cool.  We also saw thousands of regular people run by too.  Although I guess anyone who runs a marathon, especially the Boston Marathon the year after the bombings can't really be called "regular." They are freaking awesome!

I read today that over a million people were along the marathon route.  A million people!  Boston is such an awesome city filled with so many incredible people.  We saw a shirt that said "We can run, but you can't hide."  Pretty great right!?

For anyone that had concerns about safety let me reassure you. . . there were police EVERYWHERE!  More then I could have expected.  And good thing they were there because you'll always have a few stupid people who live in a bubble and didn't watch the news. . . it was reported OVER AND OVER not to bring backpacks or suitcases. . . what does this girl have with her?  Both of those things.  And what does she do?  Oh she stops, leaves her bags, and walks about 5 feet away to watch the marathon!!!!!??????  WHAT the what????  Really???!!!!  How did this girl get into BC? Sorry rant over!  (In her defense I'm guessing she had just come from the airport from being home for Easter and couldn't get back to her dorm since the streets were all blocked but still)!!!!!

Oh and just because the ducks are my FAVORITE I have to show you them in their marathon numbers!  Haha!

My favorite stories are these:

This story about the exhausted runner who collapsed just feet from the finish line and 3 other runners picked him up and carried him to it!

This story about the female winner of the wheelchair for the 2nd year in a row and on her 25th birthday!  The fact that she wore a MR8 shirt was just the icing on the {birthday} cake!  Tatyana was born in Russia with spina bifida and spend the first 6 years of her life in an orphanage until being adopted by an American woman!  She has an incredible story.  You can read more about her here.

This story of the Corcoran family crossing the finish line.  This mother and daughter pair are so inspiringng and make me smile every time I see them!

This story about Rick and Dick Hoyt completing their 32nd (and last) marathon!  AMAZING!

This story about the girlfriend of fallen firefighter, Michael Kennedy, who still ran (he was going to run with her) and carried his number to honor him.

And so many more. . . marriage proposals, gender reveals, bombing survivors being at the finish line, charity runners, and a 73 year old lady who was the last person to finish last night around 8 PM!

Marathon Monday in Boston is one of the best days of the year.  We won't ever let that change!  So glad I got to experience it again! 

Congrats to all of the runners.  You are amazing!  I may be able to walk 50 miles but I could never run 26!  Boston Strong Baby! Boston Strong!!!


  1. What great stories you posted! Glad you had a blast spectating!

  2. The ducks are so cute! And I am excited to read all the stories you linked to. I heard one proposal story but that's it and I'm sure there are lots of great ones!

  3. What an amazing day it was and I love the ducks. When I was doing triathlons the Hoyt's were doing the same race and we kept passing each other, totally motivated me to keep pushing. Sound an amazing pair!

  4. I love the duck picture!! So cute! I saw the story about the guy who collapsed and got carried across the finish line. So many great stories from the day!