Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Some Easter Fun. . .

I had a lovely Easter with my family this past weekend.  We went to brunch at a restaurant in my hometown and then back to my parent's house for games and drinks.

My meal may have consisted primarily of bacon and chocolate fondue (not together)!  What could be better?!

My mimosa was definitely mostly bubbles with a splash of OJ.  Just the way I like it!

The above photos are the only people I got in photos.  Oops!  But let's face it. . . most of my family gets annoyed when I make them pose for photos so I gave this a pass this holiday.

I got a little sneaky hiding the eggs this year and it actually took them more than 5 seconds to find them all!  Oh and I'll admit that the Easter Egg Hunt is possible enjoyed more by me than them! 

The highlight of my day was likely when my entire family taught Peyton and Ella how to gamble play Left, Right, Center.  Ella especially was really into it and would chant "dot, dot dot" when it was "her" turn (she played with my aunt then me).  When you roll a dot you get to keep your money (for those of you who don't know this game).  It was TOO funny!  No photo evidence of this occurrence will be shared. . . I don't want you guys to call DCF or anything! Ha!

So in a nutshell my Easter = bacon, chocolate, mimosas, egg hunting, gambling. . . sounds like a great day to me!

If you missed the annual bunny photos go here to see them.  They are SO cute!

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  1. They looked adorable in their matching dresses! Chocolate, bacon and mimosas sound fabulous!!

  2. OMG those dresses! so adorable! i love watching kids hunt for eggs; they're so excited :)

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Everyone looks fabulous in their Easter gear!

    Just a splash of OJ for me too. Too much juice = too much sugar = blah

  4. that first pic. yummmm. those dresses are so fantastic, love that they are matching!

  5. LOL it doesn't get better than chocolate & bacon. I've actually had chocolate covered bacon...not that bad.

  6. Chocolate and bacon? Ummm yes please!! All day everyday. Your family is so adorable! Love it! :) Happy to have found your blog on Kathy's link-up!!

  7. That's how I like my mimosas too! After reading this post I have a real craving for chocolate and bacon...separately.

  8. The girls are so cute, and I love love love your dress!