Monday, April 7, 2014

Red Sox Home Opener

When you are given the opportunity to go to Red Sox Opening Day you don't have to think twice.

When you are given the opportunity to go to Red Sox Opening Day when they won the World Series the previous season and therefore will be getting there rings you don't have to think twice.

When you are given the opportunity to go to Red Sox Opening Day with tickets that were purchased at face value you don't have to think twice.

Well my friends I went to Opening Day on Friday at Fenway Park and it.was.awesome!  Cold but awesome!  If you didn't get to see it let me share with you the heartfelt ceremony that took place before the game.

Let's play a game. You count how many different Red Sox clothing items I wore on Opening Day.  I had to run to a quick PCP visit so I made sure to wear my fun shirt from the end of last season!
For those of you who have never been to Fenway Park for a Red Sox game it is quite the experience. Above are photos of Yawkey Way which is a street they close down to cars. Once you show your tickets and get in the sell food, beer and the best merchandise store is in there too!  It is fun and crazy with some entertainment for the kids!

 This is a view of Yawkey Way once I was inside the park.

When the opening ceremony began the first thing that happened was the huge flags dropping down on the Green Monster.  It was pretty cool!
Right after that many of the survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombings came walking out onto the field to deliver the World Series rings!  If you look towards the back of the line you can see a little girl. That is Jane and it made me so happy to see her walking.  What a little fighter she is!  Her brother Martin was one of the victims killed by the bombs and both of her parents were also injured.

Then each player came out to get their ring.  Dustin Pedroia was first and David Ortiz was last!  On the right side of the photo you can see the Boston Pops and the Dropkick Murphys (wearing kilts), both groups performed during the ceremony.

The two Boston Firefighters who were killed fighting a fire in Back Bay were honored. Their families were there and walked across the field to meet the team.  It was really sad to see the wife and young children of one of the victims but hopefully that moment brought them some happiness that they will hold onto for years to come.

 This was my exact view from my seat!  We were right behind home plate!  It was awesome! 

Members of the Patriots, Celtics, Bruins and former Red Sox players came onto the field with their championship trophies.  Always nice to see Jason Varitek!

{Former} Mayor Menino (in the red jacket) gave the ball to new Mayor Walsh who threw out the first pitch to David Ortiz!
Oh and what would Opening Day be without Irish Stepdancers?!  They girls were adorable and so talented!  Wow!!!  I could watch then bounce around for hours.  They were very good.

In the last inning the Red Sox were losing with little hope of winning.  It also started raining a little. So MANY fans left the park which meant Leanne and I could move down to seats RIGHT behind home plate.  May be the best seats I ever get.  It was cool even if it was raining a bit!

Just for fun I thought I would share. . . on the left. . . my first Sam Summer of the season and on the right. . . (hopefully) my last hot chocolate of the season!  It was FREEZING at the game.  43 degrees with wind is not nice!

So I started the game with 2 long sleeve shirts and my new Opening Day shirt.  I ended the game with an additional fleece, windbreaker and wool hat!  I also had fleece lined leggings under my jeans, tall socks and tall boots.  I had 2 pairs of gloves and hand warmers and I was STILL cold.  So worth it though!

I bought my grandfather a program to mail to him in Michigan. He has been sick and I'm hoping it will cheer him up.  It came with a free Opening Day pin which is now hanging on my cork board! 

Lastly I had to share this. . . for locals you will get this!  That is Jenny Dell.  She was sitting right in front of us (when we moved seats) with Middlebrooks' dad.  Guys were asking to take photos with her!  Ha! 

Going to my first ever Red Sox Home Opener was an incredible experience (even if the Red Sox lost).  I don't know if I'll ever get the chance again so I tried to enjoy every moment even though I was cold!! 

Here's to a GREAT season for the Sox!  I'm going to a game again Tuesday night!  Woo hoo!!


  1. Jodi - are you going to tonight's game? I am too! wonder if I'll run into you at all! Love your blog!

  2. What a fabulous day! I love your new Sox jacket.

  3. That is so awesome you were able to go even though it was friggin cold!! Love all the clothing changes. Haha!

  4. That beard shirt is so cute! Not Rangers cute but close! Every time I see Napoli I die a little. Lol I thought about you last night while I was watching the game. Mostly that I don't hate the Red Sox the way I hate say, the Angels, A's and the Yankees so when we aren't playing I always hope your team plays well. Anyway, best of luck to you this season...against everyone else! :-)

  5. So glad you had fun! I'm going to my first game in YEARS on Easter Sunday!

  6. I've been to Fenway Park but never during a game. I want to so bad and its on my bucket list.
    So cool you had a great time!

  7. I would love to check out a game at Fenway someday. It looks like so much fun!

  8. So fun! At our home opener, we honored the Seahawks instead of the Mariners. Haha! I was looking into going to a game didn't realize Fenway was so small. Kinda cool!

  9. As much as I hate the Red Sox, this looks fantastic! I wish I lived near a team where I could go to games more regularly! ps-- is that Tedy Bruschi with one of the super bowl trophies??

  10. We see you bought the 2014 Program & Pin combo , we have the new 2015 coming soon.
    Follow us on facebook and twitter at Yawkey Way Report , for all the Sox news

  11. Hi Jodi!

    Love your blog. I thought this might make for a good post. it's from mike barnicle (MSNBC, huge sox fan).