Saturday, April 26, 2014

MuckFest MS

This weekend is MuckFest MS weekend in Boston (well Fort Devens actually).  Since the event doesn't have enough water and mud Mother Nature thought she would add a little more water. . . it was pouring rain all day. . . and 47 degrees!

The Bean Team had 10 members plus a photographer/cheerleader (me).  Despite the rain and cold they were all ready to go at 9:30 AM!

My cousin Katelyn took on the role of team captain.  She ordered the shirts, kept the team up to date and organized a carpool for 6 of us to go together in 1 car today.  We are so "green!"  Thanks Katelyn! As always I appreciate all of your support but I don't appreciate you trying to one up me by pointing out that you do more MS events then me since I don't do MuckFest! I don't do mud and water or running but I may have to find another event to add to my list.  Ha!  P.S. I still say Fashion Plates counts as an event for me which would make us even! :)

The first obstacle which is right at the start, each person climbs some dirt hills and then they go through a water pit. . . after this I went toward the end to wait for the team.  The course was a 5k this year instead of 5 miles like last year.  To see more of the obstacles go here.

I waited at "Muck Off" which is an obstacle where they jump off a platform into a deep water pit.  After this obstacle there are 3 more that are very close together and close to the finish line so I was able to follow along with the team until the end from here.  I would say I'm the BEST cheerleader ever!  It was cold and very wet.  I was wishing I had a pair of Hunter boots.  Note to self: buy Hunter boots!  Below is a video of The Bean Team members jumping into the water pit. Luckily nobody cursed!

Meghan (my cousin-in-law) on the far right did a karate chop pose on her way into the water.  She wanted it known that she had perfect form!  Ha!  I think she should have done a cannonball!

This one was MUCH muddier than last year.  Blame it on the rain.  These guys are all such good sports.  They didn't let the weather ruin their fun!

Doug, Katelyn and Jenn started celebrating being done while waiting for the rest of the team to get through the tubes.

And they finished as a TEAM!  I don't even know a few of the people on The Bean Team for this event but I must say I love them all.  They didn't all know each other (but everyone knew at least one other person) but you would have never known it.  They all stayed together for the whole event and supported each other through each obstacle.  The team had people in their 20s all the way to their 60s and yet they all finished strongly and together.  So proud of them!

I'd say it looks like they had fun and made the best of the rain and cold.  Thank you to each and every one of you for being a member of The Bean Team.  Thank you for helping to raise awareness about MS is the most fun and mucky way possible.

Love these ladies. . . Jenn, Meghan and Katelyn. . . best family a girl could hope for (but they should have told me we were doing "crazy" poses)!

The team got showered and changed before drinking a quick (free) beer.  Everyone was too cold to hang out in the food area so we decided to go to a local restaurant for lunch (and to warm up).  Too bad about the weather b/c it was so fun hanging out afterwards last year.  You can read about it here.

I didn't get around to take many photos of all the awesome signs but this one I thought was adorable. I have to say they are pretty creative with the theme and slogans.  Lots of play on words!

I must once again mention this year that this event is SO well run and organized.  There are a lot of people who do this event (so many that they opened a 2nd second day on Sunday).  Everything from the parking, to the check in to the course is run smoothly.  It is quite impressive and adds to the fun.

Oh and while there is a registration fee (varies depending on how early you sign up) there is no fundraising requirement!  So no pressure to ask people for money if you don't like doing that. The Bean Team did raise $100 since a couple people made donations but we are focusing the majority of our fundraising efforts on the MS Challenge Walk since The Bean Team needs to raise $9,000 for that!

I've already heard that many of the members are coming back next year for more MuckFest.  So if you are interested in joining the team let me know!  If you live somewhere other than Boston go here to see if MuckFest will be in your city!