Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DC Vacation: Newseum

I went to DC for 4 days.  I took 300 photos.  Yes I have a problem.  I know.  I can only imagine how many photos I will take while in Italy for 10 days.  In my defense the cherry blossoms were at their peak and SO beautiful.  I couldn't help but take a photo at every angle of every.single.tree. Ha!

When Rachel told me she was moving to DC I was very upset.  I of course didn't want her to leave Boston but I quickly became very happy when I realized she would be there in time for me to visit her for Cherry Blossom Festival.  I've always wanted to go to DC during cherry blossom season and I knew this was a perfect opportunity!

I arrived on Thursday and lunch time and after a quick stop at Rachel's house we were off to DC to visit the Newseum.  When I asked for "must see" things in DC many of you told me to visit the Newseum.  This was #1 on my list of museums and I'm so glad it was.  It was different than any museum I've ever visited and very cool.  I love seeing "history" from  my lifetime!

It cost $22 to get in but it is well worth the ticket price.  Our ticket was actually still good the next day if we had wanted to go back (we didn't b/c I had a LONG to do list)!

The Newseum is 7 levels with numerous Permanent Exhibits as well as some special visiting exhibits, like the Anchorman Exhibit.  They recommend that you start on the top floor and work your way down.

From the top floor you can go out onto a balcony and see a great view of the Capitol.  It was a beautiful day so we made a quick pit stop to check out the view!  {The rest of the photos will be in no particular order - meaning they are not in order of floor or how we saw them.}

The September 11th exhibit is incredible.  Above is part of the engine from one of the planes that flew into one of the towers.  Below are cell phones, Blackberries, pagers, etc that were found in the wreckage.  Hard to put thoughts into words when looking at these things. . .

This is from the top of one of the towers.  I tired to find a "before" photo to show you but couldn't find one.

This was one of the more moving exhibits (to me).  Photographer, Bill Biggart, was out walking when the first tower was hit. He ran home and got his cameras and went back out to take photos.  He was killed when the second tower was hit.  He was the only working journalist killed while covering September 11th.  Rescue workers recovered his cameras and below are some of his amazing photos.

Front pages of newspapers from all over the world were on display on a huge wall that you could view from more than one level.  Then when you go into the News Corporation News History Gallery you can view all of them up close.  It is really interesting to see all of the history and to remember where I was when it happened. . . like when Princess Diana died, or when Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death or on September 11th. . . it was also interesting to see front pages from other countries and headlines from their perspective.

This Journalist Memorial is a tribute to the Journalists who have died while pursuing the news and was dedicated by Hillary Clinton.  Each year new photos are added to the wall.  Very touching and very sad to see how many have died while pursing their passion.

The Berlin Wall with view from the East and West Berlin sides.  This is the largest section of the wall on display outside of Germany.  So hard to believe that this ever existed!

This is from the Pulitzer Prize Photographers Gallery which is in my top 3 favorite exhibits at the Newseum (so hard to pick just 1 fave)!  It displays are the winners and the photos and the stories behind them are just incredible.  I could have spent an hour in this room alone!  This is actually a traveling exhibit so I'm not sure if it will always be on display. . .

Since I know you are dying to know my 2 other favorite exhibits I'll tell you. . . the September 11th displays (shown above) and the FBI exhibit which was in the ABC News Changing Exhibits Gallery (so again not sure how long this will be there).  It was very interesting to see some of the biggest FBI stories on display.  I can't only imagine that Whitey Bulger and the Boston Marathon Bombings will be on display someday.

There is also a tribute to Tim Russert there with his messy desk!  So sad that such a talented man died too soon.

Oh you know I couldn't leave without getting an "action shot" of me in the NBC News Interactive Newsroom!  I could have made a youtube video too but decided to settle for just a photo!

The Newseum is AWESOME!  So many amazing exhibits and even if you don't like museums I think you would like this.  I highly recommend it for your next visit to DC!

I hope you liked this post because I have about 10 more DC posts to come.  Just kidding.  I'll try to keep it to just a few!  So many beautiful photos of cherry blossoms to come. . .


  1. Since I have a degree in print journalism I think I'd really enjoy this museum!

    Haha and I love the picture of you in our country's capitol...with a Canadian flag in the background!

  2. That sounds like such a cool museum to visit! Heartbreaking and touching story of the photojournalist, his shots that were saved are amazing. DC is still on my list of Someday places to visit! You behind the desk is pretty awesome!

  3. I haven't been to the Newseum- looks fun though!

  4. That sounds like an awesome place to visit.

    The September 11 displays are incredible. The Berlin Wall too.

  5. We went to DC in 2009 as our first long weekend trip away together and loved it. I didn't see the News museum though! Definitely have to add that to the list...esp the 9/11 memorial.

  6. What an amazing exhibit. The September 11th one seems so moving and incredible.

  7. Wow, even just the pictures were moving. I would definitely like to visit there one day.

  8. So fun! I need to go back to DC and spend a week going to museums. I didn't get to see anything when I went because of anthrax. Boo!

  9. The 9/11 exhibit was just so... I don't even know. I want to say great, but it's not great. It's breathtaking and moving and just sad.