Thursday, April 24, 2014

DC Vacation: Cherry Blossom Festival

I'm back with more photos from my mini-vacation to DC!  As I've previously mentioned I took a lot of photos while there and at least 100 of them are of the cherry blossoms.  Maybe too many?!

I was in DC for 4 days.  On my first day there Rachel and I went to the Newseum which you can read about here.  On Friday and Saturday it was all about the cherry blossoms (and the monuments and eating and drinking)!  So the photos below will be a mix from both days which is why I have on different outfits.

On Friday morning Rachel had to have a minor surgery (I say minor not to minimize her surgery but to assure you that I didn't make her entertain me all weekend after a major surgery)!  So I was dropped off at the Metro bright and early and was at The Mall by 8:30 AM.  It ended up being the BEST thing ever because it was so quiet. I was out with all the joggers!!  It was so peaceful and beautiful and I was able to walk around and take photos without hundreds of tourist in them.  Within an hour the crowds rolled in.

It was so beautiful out and it felt so good to wear flip flops and have the sun on my face!  I got very lucky with the weather because it had been cooler than usual leading up to my trip.  The warm weather also made the cherry blossoms pop so I got to see them at their peak!  Going to DC during cherry blossom season was on my "bucket list" so I'm so happy I got to go and that it ended up being the perfect timing!

After a few hours on my own I met up with my college friend Meredith.  She lives in DC and I hadn't seen her in about 6 years.  We studied abroad together in London while in college and then traveled to Europe together after college.  We made so many good memories together so it was wonderful to catch up.  It had been much too long!  We went out to lunch, then to see the Jefferson Memorial and the Arlington National Cemetery before heading back to her place.

On Saturday, Rachel and I arrived to the Tidal Basin with big plans for the day.  We ended up just sitting and enjoying the view for a while.  Despite the crowds it was so beautiful and relaxing.  Oh and don't worry because we ended up walking about 10 miles after our relaxing!

There are numerous types of Cherry Blossom trees in DC.  Many of them start out one color and then turn another.  The majority of the trees we saw (especially around the Tidal Basin) were white.  So Rachel and I got very excited every time we saw a pink one in bloom!

Each year the Cherry Blossom Festival has an "official" poster.  I read about it online and knew I had to have one as my memento from the trip.  I noticed that the artist, Evelia Sowash, was signing the posters on Saturday afternoon and I had a mission to find her.  Well despite the numerous volunteers and staff NOBODY knew what the heck I was talking about.  I was beginning to think I was crazy and had made it up.  Of course our cell phones were hardly working since there were SO many people!  I finally got a website to open up and found the location of where she was.  We hiked on over and I was lucky enough to meet her!  I love the poster and can't wait to get a frame for it so I can hang it up.

As I mentioned we had I had BIG plans with a long to-do list filled with museums.  Well my list was not very realistic considering the crowds and how long it takes to visit museums.  As much as I had wanted to see a few museums (especially the American History, Holocaust and Spy Museums) I changed my mind once there.  The weather was just too perfect to go inside.  We had to take advantage of the temps in the high 70s and sun.  I'm so glad we did.  I had such a great time walking around and taking in the city.  I know I can go back and visit the museums another time when the weather isn't so perfect.

If you made it this far congrats!  I know I took way too many photos of the cherry blossoms but I couldn't help it.  They were all so beautiful.  Believe me I have a lot more that I'm not sharing on my blog.  The ones in this post are my favorites!

More DC Vacation posts to come. . . Monuments, Arlington, Georgetown and Where We Ate!


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  1. Pretty pictures! That's so cool that you were able to get your poster signed!

  2. so, so incredibly gorgeous photos!!!

  3. I went to DC last year in early May and barely missed the cherry blossoms. I was so bummed! I was only there a little over 24 hours but I packed so much in and missed even more. I would love to go back and I'm interested to see where you ate!

  4. Love all the cherry blossom trees and glad you got to visit friends. Not being able to see all the museums you wanted to just gives you reason to go back again soon!

  5. I'm so jealous. As much time as I've spent in DC, I've never been when the cherry blossoms were in bloom! And I love that poster-- definitely one to hang!

  6. Such gorgeous pictures! Oh they make me want to visit DC especially around the cherry blossom festival time even more!


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  7. I've only been to DC once…and that was for the Cherry Blossoms! They really are beautiful.

  8. These are GREAT photos! we have a lot of cherry blossoms here, but the only place to see them all together like this is the quad at UW. They only bloom for like two weeks in March though so it's hard to plan. The next time I go to DC, I'm going in the spring!