Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DC Vacation: Arlington

I'm back with more of my DC Vacation.  Are you excited?!  Make sure you read my posts about the Newseum and the Cherry Blossom Festival too! 

Rachel and I took the Metro to Arlington (aka Old Town) after literally walking 10 miles around DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival.  We were EXHAUSTED so first stop was at a coffee shop where I experienced my first fancy coffee drink.  We sat and relaxed while charging our iPhones. Very important stuff.  Arlington is such a cute area so I'm glad we rallied and explored the area.

The store fronts are so pretty and I waited FOREVER for these people to move out of my photo. Like seriously for over 10 minutes and they just would not move so I gave in and took the photo with them in it.  I was not happy about! 

All the little side streets are so pretty especially with everything blooming.  We had such a nice time walking around and window shopping!

Rachel's husband met up with us for dinner and since it was so beautiful out we ate outside.  A post is coming soon about where we ate during my DC Vacation. . .

Arlington is such a pretty area and I'm glad I got to see it.  We had a nice afternoon walking around despite being exhausted!  Have you been to Arlington?


  1. I got down here to comment on this post only to see the comment above mine. Holy crap, what's up with that???

    Regardless-- I am ashamed to admit that I've never spent any time in Alexandria! I've driven through it and metro'ed through it, but these pictures are gorgeous!! Did you go to Alexandria Cupcake in the picture?? :)

  2. Um, that first comment.... wow.

    DC is so cute and you got some great pics. I am so distracted by the talk of Beezlebub that I can't form a real sentence though, sorry!