Sunday, April 6, 2014

Boston MS Walk 2014

Today was the annual Boston MS Walk.  This was our 6th year participating in this walk.  It was a great day as usual.  The walk was in a new location this year, starting and finishing at BU.  While there were a few concerns on the route (like stairs that we had to carry baby carriages up) everything else was great - including the weather.  I'm going to let the numerous photos do the talking because well that is more fun. . .

Unfortunately Ella was not feeling well and couldn't make it this year but Peyton had a great time and of course looked adorable! 

Laney loved being with Peyton and Callen is the best baby!  He was so good all morning and just hung out in the carriage!

I'm so thankful to my amazing family and friends, many who have done this walk all 6 years by my side.  It was a little chilly at times but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

We had an early lunch after the walk and it had warmed up a bit by then so it was nice to actually sit outside in the sun!  It has been a LONG winter in Boston!

Who needs toys?!  Lunch boxes make great hats and are tons of fun to play with!  Laney and Peyton walked almost the entire walk and had a blast.  We all did.  It was a great day!

Thank you to everyone who walked, who donated and who supported us!  We will see an end to this walk in my lifetime. . . once MS is CURED!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!

I'm not sure of our fundraising totals yet but I will let you know once I know!  We really focus our fundraising efforts on the MS Challenge Walk now but we still raise an amount worth mentioning so I'll keep you posted.