Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sweet Cupcakes with Boston Bloggers

Cupcakes + Bloggers = An Amazing Evening!

The other night I had the opportunity to attend a cupcake tasting at one of the most delicious cupcake bakeries in Boston.  Take it from me I know my cupcakes.  Remember when I did a "Cupcake Crawl" with Stephanie in Los Angeles?  See I wasn't kidding. . . I know my cupcakes!

We tasted at the Sweet location on Newbury Street which I must add is one of the cutest locations.  Who doesn't love a brownstone and a brownstone that sells cupcakes. . . just awesome!  The owner is the sweetest (no pun intended) and lives in the neighborhood with her family.  Her love for cupcakes is obvious and she takes so much pride in her work!

A cupcake ferris wheel! Squeal!  Love it so much.  So Sweet has all the traditional flavors you would expect and I sampled several of them.  SO GOOD!  Below you will see some of the more unique flavors (some of which are seasonal so get in there quick if you want to try them)!

They do special orders for parties and holidays.  They even deliver.  I know who I'm ordering my cupcakes from next time I need some.  They do weddings, gender revels and even told us that boys buy them to ask girls to the prom.  When did that get so over the top!?

Oh look I really was there!  Some of these events are tough to take photos with people in them b/c everyone is busy talking and filling their faces with cupcakes.  Ha!

It was such a fun time and anytime I can eat cupcakes for dinner I call that a win!

I may have eaten cupcakes for breakfast too.  Yes that is plural.  The one above and a St. Patrick's Day one.  Oops!  I couldn't resist.  They were so good.  Can't wait to go back for more.

Cupcake date anyone?

Sweet has other locations Downtown, Harvard Square and soon Chestnut Hill!


  1. Was so sad to miss this! Sweet is my FAVORITE of all cupcakeries, and I just love how they do seasonal flavors! Counting down the days for pink lemonade to arrive :)

  2. Hold up...chocolate chip pancake?! GIMMIE!! They all look so delish and unique. Fun!

  3. What a cute place! The Ferris wheel cupcake holder is just too cute!

  4. OMG these all look so good! But I'd be dying after I left from all the gluten!!