Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ella's 5th Birthday Party With Sleeping Beauty

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Ella's 5th birthday.  The photos were on my camera and I was without my laptop for over two weeks so I couldn't upload them.  I'm finally getting around to it and now I'm going to torture you with a lot of princesses, pink and cuteness.  You've been warned (and you have to make it to the end of the post if you want to see any photos with me)!

Ella LOVES Sleeping Beauty.  She is her favorite princess.  Ella had no clue that Sleeping Beauty was coming to her birthday party.  The doorbell rang and Ella answered the door and saw her!  It was PRICELESS!

Ella ran over and gave Sleeping Beauty a hug while all the other kids just stared in silence and disbelief.  If you have ever wondered how to a room full of kids quiet at a party just invite a princess.  We could have heard a pin drop!

Is it just me or is Peyton even more adorable with her toothless smile?!  I love it!

Sleeping Beauty immediately got to work. . . she read the kids a story, helped them made princess crowns, painted their nails and SO much more.

Each kid got the chance to walk down the "magic carpet" and it was so adorable.  These kids have so much confidence and know how to strut their stuff.

I really wanted to get a photo with Sleeping Beauty.  I thought it would have been funny for a FB profile pic but I didn't want to take away from the kids.  Haha!

Could they be ANY cuter!?  OMG!  Such a fun birthday party that I am sure Ella will remember for years to come!  Right after this all the kids left and family arrived for the 2nd party!

 Mirror, mirror on the wall. . .

I love this photo of Ella and I.  There were a few outtakes with Ella making funny faces but somehow we captured this one and it makes me happy!  It was just so much fun to watch her have such a wonderful birthday!

I got Ella a unicorn necklace.  Here she is opening it and then modeling it later in the night.  She LOVES unicorns!

I love this photo too.  Here she is all decked out in her princess dress, birthday hat, new princess sweatshirt and new unicorn.  All of her favorite things at once!  She is laughing in this photo b/c she is holding some a ball of tissue paper that she is waiting to throw at me!  Ha!

This is a crappy iPhone photo so that is why it is a little blurry.  But I had to show off the birthday banner I made Ella.  I think it came out SO cute.  I printed photos of her from the past year and my coworker made me the crowns (she has one of those computerized paper cutting machines - I forget which one).  I used all supplies I had on hand and I think it came out great!

Oh and we can't forget about Neely!  She didn't sleep a wink all afternoon but thought my lap would be a cozy place to sit.  {Don't tell her she isn't tiny anymore. . . she still thinks she is a lap dog!}

Now my birthday is just around the corner. . . maybe my mom will invite Prince Charming to my party?