Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Recap (Body Worlds, Cook, Her and More)!

This was a pretty good weekend.  It went by way too fast but don't they all?!

When I left work on Friday I saw this beautiful sunset (I was parked on the top level of our garage so it was a great view)!

Also on Friday, I found out I was nominated for the "Best Kept Secret" in the 3rd Annual WEGO Health Activist Awards.  Please go here and endorse me.  Judges picks the winners but I would still really appreciate your support/endorsement!  Thanks!

On Saturday I went downtown for a blate to Body Worlds Vitals.  It was snowing, like REALLY snowing, and while it was pretty it was slippery!!!

I met up with Kate, Emily and Rachel for an afternoon of fun!  Of course we had to stop for a snowy photo!

This was my first time visiting a Body Worlds exhibit.  It was ok.  I think I had high expectations.  I am glad I went once but I don't think I would want/need to go again. {Above right: unhealthy lungs}
My favorite part of the whole exhibit was seeing healthy organs compared to unhealthy organs. On the left are "normal" lungs and on the right are the lungs of a smoker.  Gross!  I mean if that doesn't make a smoker want to quit I don't know what will!?

Top photo: liver on the left is a normal liver and liver on the right is a fatty liver from alcohol abuse.  Bottom photo: liver on the right is a liver with cirrhosis

So would you think we are really immature if we had the most fun when comparing penis size of the different cadavers?!  I can't believe I'm going to admit that.  Haha!  Hey it isn't our fault that the majority of the cadavers were male!  
After all of our giggling and inappropriate conversation at Body Worlds we went for a drink.  Good think we didn't drink before seeing the cadavers!  The bartender was a major jerk and I think after he offended us he realized that we didn't really like him.  Fortunately we had fun anyways!  Always fun to talking blogging with others that just "get it."  Love my blogging gals!

Saturday night I met up with one of my oldest friends, Kendall, for dinner.  We went to a new restaurant called Cook.  Kendall had actually been there 2 weeks earlier since her daughter's friend's father is the owner and she wanted to check it out.  I had received a giftcard for Christmas so I wanted to check it out too!

We had a great meal - truffle fries for an app which were so good, yummy red sangria and I got the fried chicken which was good.  The slaw was probably my favorite part of the meal but I think I got a just ok chicken breast (the woman at the table next to us had the same meal and her's looked so much better)!  It was still really good.  I would definitely recommend it.  Cool atmosphere, good service and best of all 2 hours of chatting with one of my BFFs.

On Sunday I worked (private practice) and since I always have time to kill between clients I went to see the movie "Her."  Have you seen it?  It was pretty depressing.  Good but depressing.  Joaquin Phoenix was excellent in it.  He was so emotional and believable.  It wasn't my fave of the movies I've seen recently but interesting subject matter and I can see why it was nominated.  I've now seen 5 out of the 9 "Best Picture" nominated movies for the Oscars.  Four more to go so hopefully I can see them all!

Three things that really bugged me about Joaquin's character: his moustache, how high he wore his pants and how much orange he wore.  Loved Amy Adams's character and her hair!

Oh and I may have consumed a coffee roll from DD, movie theatre popcorn and coke AND mac and cheese.  Gross!  I know!  But after a depressing movie I had to continue the unhealthy eating spree.  Don't worry.  I went to Whole Food and bought carrots, grapes and grape fruits so healthy eating tomorrow will happen!

On Sunday I also did a little shopping at Target and Barnes and Noble.  I picked up these 2 little Italy pocket guides.  Stacy and I are planning a trip for May (fingers crossed) and we plan to go to Cinque Terre and Venice.  While I like the internet for travel tips there is still something nice about having a book.  Can't wait to read these!  Any recommendations please let me know!

Oh and notice I am not talking about the Pats.  Whomp whomp.  Oh well.  Can't win 'em all!

This just may go down as one of the most random posts ever.  That is what weekends are all about though right?!  It was a fun one.

3 DAY WORK WEEK FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thur I head to NJ for a conference (a fun one but more on that soon)!



  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend!
    I hope your blog wins! Weekends are for eating bad.
    I wish I had some blogging friends I could get together with, maybe someday.
    Enjoy your short work week.

  2. It looks like you had such a lovely weekend!! Those snow pictures make me so jealous! I haven't seen a lick of snow this season (though not unusual around here). Oh, gosh. And that fried chicken? YUM!

  3. Bahahaha, sorry about the Pats. I really can't say anything, my Eagles lost in the first round. But it was kinda fun to see Manning kick some Brady ass! <3
    Body Works... LOVED IT! But maybe that bc I am a medical/biology nerd. And I have to say, my sister and I did the same thing, comparing the man meat! What a fun blogging get together. Again, so jealous!
    Steve and I saw 'The Wolf of Wall Street' over the weekend. It was great, but SOOOO long. Typical Scorcesse, but I was so antsy 2 hours in. Def liked American Hustle better! Still have to see 'Her.' Although not sure I really want to be depressed. Ha!
    So So SOOOOO jealous of your Italy trip. Can you shove me in a suitcase?

  4. Hahaha-- I would've been giggling right along with you at the cadavers. ;) And that movie does not look good. I hate sad movies. I'm so disappointed at the movies this year-- I've only seen one of the nominated movies! And no, I don't even want to talk about the Pats either... :(

  5. I love your critiques of Joaquin's character! Haha. I really loved the movie, more than I thought I would. And I don't usually like him, but really did in this movie. I've seen 5/9 Best Pictures too!

  6. That Blate sounds like it was perfect!!! I'm glad you got to enjoy your time with those girls. :-)

  7. I think we know which cadaver the bartender would resemble... the acrobat!

  8. What a great weekend! I am totally endorsing you! I can't believe how much it snowed, very slippery too. What a great blate! Looks like a blast and i would totally be giggling too.

  9. I'm totally interested to learn from you if you go to Cinque Terre. That's on our 2015 To Do list!

    LOLOL I'd be immature about the penises too. I'm a 10 year old boy.

  10. Gorgeous sunset photo! I went ahead and endorsed you, very cool what you're doing-- good luck!

    Would you mind giving me a quick vote on WWD Magic's Facebook page for #IWantToBlogAtWWDMAGIC, I need to stay in the top 8 (Amanda- Los Angeles): Thanks!

  11. Oh I have been dying to go to the Body Worlds exhibit, but I always miss it when it's here in town. I need to catch it next time.

    All the food you consumed this weekend looks delicious and is making my mouth water :)

  12. Wow you've seen 5 out of the 9 - impressive! I'm lagging... trying to see as many as I can before the Oscars.

    lol the body exhibit looks... interesting :p Glad you had a fun time with friends!

    Thanks for linking up :)