Friday, January 17, 2014

Best Kept Secret

I've been nominated for the Best Kept Secret Award in the 3rd Annual WEGO Health Activist Awards!  I am SO honored and SO excited.  THANK YOU to whoever it was that nominated me.

I love that it is for the "Best Kept Secret" Award since my blog is a "small blog" and I've often wondered what I can do more people with MS (and other chronic illnesses) can find me.  Being nominated for this award is a great way to get exposure and connect with others with MS.

I love WEGO Health and you may remember I spoke on one of their health activist panels last July.

Now will you take a moment and ENDORSE ME?  It would mean so much to me and it is really easy.  Just click on the purple square that says "Endorse Jodi" and then fill out your name and email. I promise WEGO won't bug you with any emails!

For those of you on pinterest would you do me another favor?  Would you pin this image (vertical photos show up better on pinterest)?  I would REALLY appreciate it!

THANK YOU EVERYONE!  This made my week (and it hasn't been the greatest of weeks as you may know from my previous post)!  I promise to be back with more posts next week.

P.S. You can view all the nominees here.  My friend Marla is also nominated for an award (thankfully a different one so we don't have to compete)! Ha! Vote for her too!