Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Beads For The Bean Team

My mom is selling "MS Walk Beads" for $20 as a fundraiser for The Bean Team for the Challenge Walk.  They are adorable and fit on Pandora bracelets or other similar bracelets.  The bangle bracelet pictured above is also for sale for $60.  It comes in small (which is what I have) and large. Please excuse the fact that the bracelet above is distorted. It is the shape of my wrist so it fits snug!

If you would like to order one please let me know or email my mom directly at and she will ship it to you for FREE (in the USA)!

My mom gave me my bracelet and bead after I completed the Challenge Walk last year.  I love that it is a constant reminder of that huge accomplishment.  Even if you don't do the Challenge Walk you may do the "MS walk" every day of your life so the bracelet would be great for anyone!  I also love that it is subtle and doesn't scream MS - not that I'm ashamed obviously but sometimes it is nice to have a more quiet reminder!

So order yourself one, order for a friend or a family member and help The Bean Team raise some money for MS!  Win, win!


  1. That is so amazing! I wish I did things like that for the Lupus Loop (I dont know what's stopping me, just lazy I guess!) Will the beads be on sale for awhile?

  2. This is so nice! I love the color and the little footprint.

  3. Oh I definitely want one! I'll email your mom. Does she do payment through paypal?

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