Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 13 Of '13

How do you sum up an entire year in a post?  More importantly how is it even possible that 2013 is over?  This year flew by and I can't even believe we are already entering into 2014.  In order to keep this short(ish) and sweet I thought I would share with you my top moment from each month and then one final moment that takes the cake for the whole year. . .

JANUARY #1 (This was actually February because I have no pictures from January)
I'm not a big fan of winter but I still smile when I look at these pictures.  I honestly couldn't tell you (prior to this) the last time I had made a snowman.  On this particularly warm winter day I made a snowman with my nieces and it was SO.MUCH.FUN!  They loved it and so did I.

It is a short month and not much was happening so by default Ella's 4th Birthday is my favorite moment.  Celebrating my nieces birthdays each year is a wonderful thing. They bring so much joy to my life and I'm so thankful to have them!

I attended my first blogging conference in March, Blissdom, and it easily "wins" for best moment of the month.  Now only did I get to travel to Dallas, TX and see my friend Rachel, I also got to meet so many blog friends, learn so much about blogging and attend some pretty great parties.

Volunteering at MS Climb To The Top and taking my nieces for their annual "bunny pictures" were also favorites!

Spring finally arrives to Boston by April and although this was a month filled with much sadness in Boston it was also a month filled with much hope.  My favorite moment was Muckfest MS.  My cousin Katelyn captained The Bean Team and I went to cheer them on (since there is no way I could run 5 miles and I don't like mud).  This was such a fun event and I loved cheering on my team.  It also made me so happy to see so many people running in this large event so soon after the Boston Marathon tragedy.  It truly was just was example of showing the true spirit of Boston Strong!

Of course the Boston MS Walk was a great moment as well.  The Bean Team walked for the 5th year in a row!

MAY #5
There is nothing I love more than sharing my favorite place in Boston with my nieces.  I've taken both Peyton and Ella individually to the Public Gardens but it had been two years since I last took Peyton so I thought she was due again.  It was a gorgeous day and we had so much fun riding the swan boats, having a picnic, walking around and taking in the city.  She slept over the night before and the whole weekend was so much fun.  I love making memories with my nieces!

Another favorite moment of May was experience the flags on the Boston Common during Memorial Day weekend.  One flag for each fallen Massachusetts service member from the Civil War to present.  Such a beautiful tribute. 

Rachel came to visit me which forced me to take a staycation.  It was AWESOME!  I not only got to spend time with Rachel but I got to experience my own city and do so many things that I had never done and share some of my favorite things to do with her as well.  Red Sox game, Fenway tour, Newport, Salem, "The Package" Tour, The Freedom Trail, JFK Library and more!

A very close second is my trip to California for my very good friend Stephanie's wedding.  It was so wonderful to celebrate her special day with her!  It was also fun to catch up with old friends in CA!

July is one of my favorite months.  It is finally summer weather in MA and it is still early enough in the summer that you can enjoy yourself and not have that feeling of oh no summer is almost over. . . July was filled with weekends on the Cape and time with family.  4th of July weekend I spent several days on the Cape doing absolutely nothing and it was glorious!  My favorite weekend though was one when my nieces were there, of course!

Another month enjoying summer weather and visiting the Cape but the highlight of this month was my very first visit to Martha's Vineyard!  Not only that but I went to MV in order to meet a blog friend, Meg, who was there for a family vacation (her parent's live there).  It was great connecting with Meg in person and sharing about our lives with MS.  Oh and MV isn't too shabby either.  Beautiful island and I got to see a gorgeous sunset when I got on the ferry to head back to the mainland.

Close second this month was a mini family vacation to North Conway

Choosing one favorite moment for this month was probably the most difficult.  My weekend on Block Island is pretty much tied with the MS Challenge Walk but I picked the walk because Jenn and I kicked ass this year.  We not only walked 50 miles but we did it in "record" time each day and both felt pretty great physically.  See how much training actually helps?!  It was an AMAZING experience again in 2013 and I can't wait to be back there with our "Challenge Walk family."

I LOVE fall and everything to do with apples, pumpkins, cider donuts and foliage!  My favorite moment of this month was celebrating my grandmother's 87th birthday!  This was the first time we were able to celebrate with her in person since her 80th when we all traveled to Florida to surprise her.  This year, for the first time, my grandmother stayed in MA into the fall so we celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks early just a couple of days before she flew back to FL.  Such a blessing to be able to celebrate birthdays with our loved ones especially as they age.  So thankful we got to toast to my grandmother for another year filled with good health and much happiness!

Earlier that same day, I took Ella to a pumpkin farm (Peyton was at a friend's birthday party) and then we carved a pumpkin together.  She was thrilled and proudly walked around the house showing everyone the pumpkin.  Sometimes it the little things!

Oh and of course the Red Sox dominated the month of October and brought our city so much happiness but more on that in November!!

From WORST to FIRST!  The Red Sox won the World Series!!!!  My favorite moment of November was going to the Red Sox Rolling Rally.  It was EPIC!  After everything the city had been through it was so emotional to celebrate the Red Sox being World Champions!  Simply incredible.

Another great moment was modeling in Fashion Plates for the third and final year!   

A magical month filled with the Christmas spirit so how do you choose one moment?!  It was a wonderful month and the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas flew by.  I still tried to make the most of it by doing traditional holidays things.  My favorite moment was taking my nieces to The Enchanted Village for the 2nd year in a row.  Watching their excitement when it "snowed" and then when they saw Santa was so fun.  There really is nothing better than seeing Christmas through a child's eyes!

Now I bet you are wondering what #13 is right?!  What could be my BEST moment in 2013????

Well it was an easy choice. . .

Gilenya!!!!  Making the decision to come off Avonex, the weekly injection I had been on for almost five years was a nerve wracking one and for good reasons!  I switched to a new oral treatment, Tecfidera and unfortunately had very bad side effects.  I was sick.  It was not fun.  Luckily there was another oral treatment option I could try before going back to injections.  Gilenya is a daily pill and it has been outstanding!  I don't have ANY side effects.  Nothing!  I jut pop a pill in the morning and that is it.  Easy.  No more injections!  Living with MS isn't always easy but being able to take an oral treatment sure makes it just a little bit easier.  So thankful for this huge advancement in the treatment of MS!  Gilenya easily is my best moment of 2013!!!

There you have it!  2013 was a pretty good year but I'm excited to see what 2014 has in store. 

P.S.  Only a true procrastinator waits until just hours before the year is going to end to publish her recap post.  Better late than never, right?!  Haha!



  1. What a great wrap-up for 2013 Jodi! Excited for all that is to come for you in 2014, I am sure they will be wonderful! xo

  2. Lots of fabulous things in store for Miss Jodi for 2014! Happy New Year! <3

  3. What a year you had with lots of great events. Love that the nieces played a big part in the recap. Hope 2014 brings so many great things for you.

  4. What an amazing year, Jodi! Lots of incredible experiences and the Boston area looks phenomenal. Here's to an even better 2014 :-)