Monday, December 2, 2013

Peyton's 6th Birthday Party

Saturday was a very special day.  Two of my favorite family members celebrate their birthday on that day!  My mom and Peyton were both born on Nov 30th and of course we had a Doc McStuffins party!

It is hard to believe that Peyton is 6 years old!  I still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday!

The birthday girls!

These pictures are terrible quality.  Just another reminder to me that I should use my camera once in a while especially when inside at night!  Anyways. . . I gave Peyton a "Yellow Dog" in it's own "dog house" from The Black Dog.  She is a major dog lover so I thought she would enjoy this!

My mom will probably kill me for sharing this picture but I figure if you look as good as she does you might as well advertise your age! ;)

We did double singing.  First we sang to Peyton.  She had some fancy candles on cupcakes and an ice cream cake.  She was pretty happy about that.

Then we sang to my mom and Ella was pretty happy that she got to "help" blow out the candles!  Here she is dressed like a princess and reminding us all to treat her like one!! Lol!
I couldn't leave out the BFFs - my dad and Neely.  She is so obsessed with him.  She never leaves his side.  It is too funny.  She was sleeping on him but when I went to take the pic she picked her head up.

After all of the partying she retired to her favorite spot on the stairs.  She was so tired! 

We had a wonderful afternoon celebrating the birthday girls.  It is so nice that my mom and Peyton can share their special day even if Peyton gets to pick the party theme!

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