Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jodi Lately (AKA Photo Dump)

I noticed that I had a bunch of photos on my phone that I hadn't shared on my blog.  So here is what I've been up to lately.  Enjoy. . .

My college, Elon University, finally sold walkway bricks again.  It was the first time since I've graduated and I was so excited.  I've wanted one since I first stepped foot on that campus.  Now my name is permanently a part of that beautiful place!!  (Thank you to my good friend Marisa who took this pic while she was there for Homecoming).

Last week I went to get a manicure at a new place while I was out and about and they had a pond with a waterfall with crazy fish!! 

I never use to like black and brown together but I've finally embraced it (thanks Pinterest).  I've been wearing my black leggings, tall brown boots and different shirts and I'm loving all the new outfits I'm making!
One perk of babysitting for twins after Halloween is DOUBLE the Halloween candy!!!!

The other day while I was working on the weekend I set up shop at Panera.  I ate a yummy lunch and then had hot chocolate later in the afternoon for a treat.  (Please disregard the fact that none of the above items are dairy free.  My skin is screaming at me for it but sometimes it is worth it)!

Oh and please also disregard the fact that neither of the above "meals" are clean eating.  I swear I've been trying.  But sometimes nutella crepes and Chinese food just call your name.

Have you seen these?  I found them at Target and they are were SO good.  Such a yummy combo.  If you seen them buy them!

Recently we had our MAAV Walk "thank you party" and I brought some fancy bakery desserts but then I was out done by homemade cupcakes w/ purple awareness ribbons (for DV)!  We all got to take home a cute mug as a gift. 

My mom won free tickets to Miss Saigon and it was SO good.  She had never seen it and I hadn't seen it since 1998 in London so was very excited to see it again.  It is such a good show and I love a lot of the music in it. 

AND. . . just because they are ADORABLE I had to share a pic of my nieces and dog-niece! 

So now you should be a little more caught up of the random stuff I've been doing (and eating) lately!


  1. The leggings and boots are really cute! Panera is the best place to sit and do work. I used to study all the time at the Arsenal one. Your nieces are getting so big! And they are looking a lot more alike the older they get.

  2. THAT SHIRT. Where is it from.

  3. I have to make grilled cheese soon.

    I love your brick, I went to the University of Delaware and always wanted to buy in.

  4. Ummm now I am totally hungry! The grilled cheese and Chinese food. Yum! Love the black legging and brown boot look!

  5. A litte late reading (eeerrrr, viewing!) but I love ALL the pics! You are like 3284239847 person to talk about those Peppermint Patty pretzles. It must be a sign that I must have them.