Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Girls Night Out

On Monday night despite the frigid temperatures I ventured out to meet up with a few of my favorite Boston Bloggers.  Emily, LB, Rachel and I met for dinner at La Verdad and then attended the ONEin3 event at The Landsdowne.

On my walk down Landownes Street besides freezing my butt off and trying not to slip on the ice we had been left with from the weekend storm I couldn't help but look at the beautiful full moon that was shining so bright over the Pru.  The Pru does "31 Nights of Lights" and each night they are lit up in honor of a different organization.  This night it was lit up in purple in honor of NTSAD.

La Verdad is easily the best Mexican restaurant in Boston.  If you live here and haven't tried it I suggest you get there ASAP!

We attended the ONEin3 holiday event at The Landownes.  If I'm being completely honest I had no clue what this group is all about.  It was nice to learn while we were there.  Over one third of Boston's population is between the ages of 20 and 34 which is the highest proportion of young adults in any major city in America.  The mayor started this group in 2004 and it is a great way for young adults to be involved in the city.  Unfortunately I'm just a teeny, tiny, itty, bitty bit too old.  But y'all should check if out if you are in their age range!

I have so much fun with these ladies.  We had our first group blate at The Paint Bar a few weeks ago and we knew a follow up was necessary.  We laughed a lot over TMI conversations that only girls can have!

Oh and just have to add this in because on of my favorite things about Irish bars is that they always have the "right" glass for each type of beer.  I typically drink Pear Magners when I'm at this bar since they are one of the few Boston bars to carry it.  But I was in a Blue Moon kind of mood in honor of the full moon! Ha!  Don't worry I didn't steal the glass (not that I've been known to do that ever)!

We made it an early night since some of us had to work the next day.  To the two of you who didn't have to work (not naming any names but they may be in a photo together above and I'm not talking about Emily and I) hope you slept in and enjoyed the warmth of your bed!!!!

While we walked back down Landownes Street I noticed the new logo painted on the back of the Red Sox score board.  The World Series banner is on the other side of the park and it was WAY too cold for sight seeing on this night!!

It is hard to motivate to go out in the winter since it is SO cold but I am so glad I went out.  It was such a fun night hanging out and laughter is good for the soul!


  1. You Boston bloggers always look like you're having so much fun :) Sounds like a great night. And I LOVE blue moon, yum!

  2. What a fun night! I've never heard of ONEin3 but will definitely need to look it up! Happy Holidays. :)

  3. Looks like such a good night! I really need to go into Boston more often. That Mexican place sounds awesome!

  4. This looks so fun!! I'll add La Verdad to the list of places I need to eat when we (finally) get to Boston! :)