Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ella's Debut In The Nutcracker

Last night I saw my niece Ella as a mouse in The Nutcracker. The dance school were my nieces go puts on The Nutcracker each year.  Peyton decided not to audition this year but Ella did and we are all very proud of her debut as a mouse!!!

I think Ella could be an actress someday!  She has definetly mastered "posing" and always has a great pose or expression ready for a photo!

 Ella was very proud of her flowers and happily showed them off to everyone around!

I found this ballerina dress at the Gymboree Outlet and knew it would be the perfect gift for this occasion.  I hope she loves it!

My parents gave Ella a Minne doll that is dressed as a ballerina and plays The Nutcracker music when you squeeze the foot.  So cute!

I stole these last 4 pictures from the dance school's Facebook page.  They were taken during dress rehearsal.  I love this one b/c it captures Ella so well.  She definitely is not "quiet as a mouse!" Ha!

All the costumes were beautiful.  There are many talented dancers in this school and they put on a great show!  I look forward to seeing my nieces in this show for many years to come!

It has been MANY years since I've seen The Nutcracker in Boston so I couldn't remember the whole story.  I think this "local" production did a great job!

Have you been to The Nutcracker?


  1. Cutest mouse ever!!!! You must be a proud Auntie! <3

  2. She is so cute!! Her hair looks so good. The Nutcracker is such a good play and so impressed they did it.

  3. OMG I love this so much!! The Nutcracker is one of my favorite things, and Ella looks so adorably cute!!