Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Open House

On Sunday my parents hosted their annual Christmas Open House.  It is basically a chance to eat a million different appetizers and visit with the neighbors who I likely haven't seen since the previous year.  It is also a chance for everyone to check out all of my mom's Christmas decorations.  She has a lot

Despite the cold weather and icy walkways I wore my gold, sparkly shoes.  I love them and hope to wear them a few more times during this holiday season.  Ella wanted to glam it up too she she borrowed some shoes and accessories from Grammy.  That girls is such a hoot!  Then you have Peyton who is in a stage of wanting to make crazy faces for every picture!  Got to love both of their individual personalities.

Since the girls are the only kids at the party they get a lot of attention.  They even get my Aunt Cathy to sit on the floor and color with them!
I made sangria.  I've named this recipe "Block Island Sangria" since my friend Missy gave it to me after I tasted some really good sangria when we were on Block Island in Sept.  It was my first time making it with this recipe and I really liked it.  It was a big hit at the party and I'll be making it again for Christmas day!  (Not pictured but also in recipe = OJ and Ginger Ale).

My parent's have the prettiest fake tree around.  My mom has a slight obsession with Santas and there are quite a few in each and every room.  Here is a sampling. . .

You might as well go all out right?!  My mom sure knows how to turn their house into a Christmas Wonderland!  The girls love and it and I must admit it does make the holiday season more festive to be surrounded by all of these decorations! 

Do you collect any Christmas decorations?  Do you decorate just a little or a whole lot??!!



  1. Hooooray! Tank you for linking up! And I'd still love you even if you hadn't!

    That is an awful lot of sa tas. I'm gonna have to find a Phillies Santa and send it to your mom!

  2. What a fun yearly event! And seriously - Ella is too adorable ;)

  3. What a great tradition. My second Mom loves Santas too and they are everywhere. Your mom has a great collection. Love the white one in the sweater and fur lined coat!

  4. Love all the Christmas decorations your mom has! And that picture of you in the Santa hat is SO great!