Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Boston Common Tree Lighting

Last Thursday while the majority of you were watching The Sound of Music Live I was at the Boston Common Tree Lighting with Rachel and her husband. It was actually my first time going.  Glad Rachel is new to town so that it motivates me to play tourist in my own city.  But if I'm being completely honest my real motivation for going was because Joey McIntyre (yes, Joey from NKOTB) performed!

There were several performers that entertained us prior to the lights of the big tree actually being turned on.  My favorites were Blue Man Group (above), Morning Star Baptist Church Gospel Choir and Boston Celtics official junior dance team LilPhunk (such cute kids and SO talented). There was also a girl from American Idol who I had never heard of and a few other less exciting acts. 

Of course Joey McIntyre was a favorite too. He sang two Christmas songs, the first one with a group of kids and the second one by himself. He was good but not as amazing as I had expected! 

And in true boy band fashion THIS happened.  Oh yes he got down on his knees while singing to us. It was pretty great.

This year's World Series Trophy made an appearance too!

After they lit the tree there was snow and fireworks.  I wasn't expecting either so that was fun!

The tree is very big and very pretty with all of the lights.  Unfortunately you couldn't get that close to it.

Did I mention that it was 50 degrees out that night?!  Pretty amazing for a December night in Boston.  Since it was so warm I decided to walk through the Common to a T stop on the other side.  I got to see people ice skating on the famous frog pond (another thing I've never done in Boston).

Oh and the ducks were looking all fancy in their holiday bows!

They also lit the trees on Commonwealth Ave.  There were a lot of people there enjoying hot chocolate which was funny since it was SO warm out!

Mayor Menino was there for his last tree lighting as mayor.  After 20 years of serving as Boston's mayor he will be stepping down in a couple of weeks.  He is Boston's longest serving mayor and very well liked here.  I was literally standing an arms length from him!

After that I walked down Newbury Street and checked out some of the holiday window displays.

Newbury Street's trees were all lit up as well and it looked so pretty as you walked down the street.  I love this time of year (except for the cold and snow) but since it was so warm out on this night it was the prefect night for enjoying the lights!

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  1. What a great night! You can't beat a 50 degree night for a Christmas tree lighting. My kind of weather! Lol, I'm cracking up at Joey singing and getting down on his knees. Typical boy band move! One of Boston's finest! Glad you enjoyed the night and got to experience some fun stuffing your city. I always love being a tourist in my city!

  2. So jealous! We used to go every year when I was in college. One year we actually wore flip flops because it was so warm. Glad you had fun!

  3. So awesome that you saw Joey. He's so theatrical. Even when they all perform together, he's always the one doing something like that. Hilarious. Boston is so pretty at Christmastime!

  4. I love all the festiveness of the city. Those ducks in their bows just kills me with their adorableness.

  5. I love when the city is lit up for Christmas!

  6. What a great event! Boston is so pretty in the Winter. Love all the lights and window displays!

  7. nice post!

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