Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Boston Bloggers Holiday Event

Last night I attended the Boston Bloggers holiday event.  It was at Warehouse which is a newer bar in Boston and someplace I had never been!  I've been to several Boston Blogger events over the past couple of years and this was the biggest one yet.  It was so fun to catch up with bloggers I already knew and also meet new people too.  I'm always amazed at how many new bloggers there are at every event. There were several people there who have just started blogging and others who have been at it for years.  It is so fun to chat with so many fun and interesting people.  Boston has an awesome blogging community!

Rachel and I enjoying our "Crush" cocktail.  It had Skyy Moscato Grape vodka, strawberry puree, lemon juice and soda water. It was very good!  I also had a "Squirm" martini. It had Bombay Sapphire, fresh lemon, raspberry puree, simple syrup and Monetto Prosecco.  I really like it and the best part was that it was in a stemless martini glass which meant no spillage! I was very impressed with their entire drink menu.

It was so nice to catch up with Colleen from Sophie's Talking Sports who I had met at a previous event and guest posted for last month.  She bought me a drink to thank me for that post. Thanks Colleen!

I also got to catch up with Emily and Kate.  They are my country music loving buddies and in January we are going to see Lady Antebellum in concert.  I can't wait!

As usual, Alison and Kate organized a fabulous event.  They are such wonderful hostesses!  They asked everyone to bring a donation for Toys for Tots and the table was LOADED with toys.  They also collected $150 in cash donations.  It is nice to know that we can help some children in need this Christmas.

I got to catch up with Janee, Georgina, Courtney and Philip (one of 3 or 4 guys there)! I got to wish Molly a "happy birthday" in person. AND. . . I also got to chat with a few people I met for the first time. . .Tracey, Germana, Kristin and Lexi.  I can't wait to read their blogs!

Have you been to an event for bloggers in your city?  If not you should attend one in the future!

Rachel and I met at the Government Center T stop and walked through Faneuil Hall on our way to the bar.  As we approached the giant Christmas tree we could hear music and see a crowd of people.  Turns out that there is a "show" called Blink that is a synchronized light show to Boston Pops music.  It is SO cool and a ton of people where standing around watching.  If you happen to be in that area make sure you check it out (from 4:30 to 9:30 every night until Christmas).

I really can't believe that Christmas is 3 weeks from TODAY!!!  It just doesn't seem possible.  This year has flown by and I hope to do a few more "Christmasey" things before the big day!

What do you do to get in the Christmas spirit?


  1. Fun to see you, friend! Looking forward to our next date!

  2. It was wonderful to see you and Kate! What a great event xo

  3. Looks like fun with other bloggers...pretty lights too. The tree and lights help me to feel Christmassy

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  5. I cannot take it with all these amazing events!!!

    LOVE that coral scarf!!!