Thursday, December 26, 2013

Another Wonderful Christmas In The Books

Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope you had a wonderful day with family and friends.  I know I did!  I'm so glad that I'm still off work to have some time to relax before heading back.

I worked on Christmas Eve but was able to sneak out a little early to head to my brother Allan's house.  We ate our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of Chinese take-out and enjoyed several desserts.  Tim, Jenn and my nieces weren't there but the rest of us exchanged and opened our gifts. 

My parents gave me part of the Willow Tree Nativity to add to my set, the 2 Alex and Ani bracelets I wanted and a few other things.  Allan and Scott each got a chair and of course I made them pose for a photo.  Tim got a Red Sox one (and opened it on Christmas).  Too bad he wasn't there b/c a photo w/ all 3 of them would have been classic!

We watched my favorite Christmas movie. . . Elf!  I actually watched it twice.  It is such a great Christmas movie. I love it.  It was  a nice laid back evening and we had a nice time!

Every Christmas we take a family photo and this year our family grew by one with the addition of Callen.  It is so fun to look back at the photos and to see how the family has grown.  Surprisingly this year the photo came out great w/ one a couple of attempts!

Of course I made sangria!  I love my mom's punch bowl and I think the sangria looked so pretty in it.  It was really good and I think I've finally found my "go-to" sangria recipe!

These kids are just too cute!  We weren't able to get one of all 4 kids together but these are so cute it doesn't matter! 

I love this photo of Laney b/c her facial expression looks like a fast forward to the teenage years!  She is already giving attitude about smiling for the camera.  Ha!

My aunt gave Katelyn and I tickets to see the musical Once when it is in Boston in January.  It has pretty much become tradition for her to take us to a musical after Christmas and I love it.  We've seen so many great shows and I can't wait to see Once.  She also gave us a few other things and the bag in front of me is sure to be a new favorite. I love the paisley fabric!

The girls opened their presents from Grammy and Grampy and were quite excited about all of the musical instruments.  They had to show Uncle Allan their "spoons" just like the ones in Ireland!

The harmonicas were a big hit too.  Ella played hers all afternoon!

Uncle Scott gives the coolest gits. Last year it was the pooping dog game and this year it is snow-cone makers and sand art.  Big hits for sure!

I gave the girls gift cards to Build-A-Bear and I going to take them soon. They love that store and were pretty excited.  I also gave them pink slinkys which we had fun playing w/ on the stairs!

Uncle Allan gave the girls a "joint gift" which was a game called "Pop the Pig." I've never heard of it but they had and they played over and over w/ Laney.   You basically feed him hamburgers and his belts "pops."  Who comes up w/ these things!? 

We of course did our annual Yankee Swap Red Sox Swap (as Allan likes to call it).  We always have tons of fun seeing what the hot item will be.  The stealing is the most fun and the girls love to "help" since only the adults participate.  I ended up w/ that Red Sox sign which I am pretty excited about.  I look forward to making a new "collage" on my living room wall.

 During the swap Ella entertained us as a harmonica playing puppeteer.  I think she has a future!

Any for the 2nd year in a row Laney ended up in a box during the swap.  She is too cute!

Lots of other fun was had.  Lots of food and desserts were eaten.  Lots of laughs happened!  All in all a wonderful Christmas w/ wonderful people!!!  I can't believe it is over!

I slept on my parent's house on Christmas night since I was way too tired to drive home.  Ella came to hang out w/ us the next morning so that my brother could take Peyton to the doctor (she has a cough).  Ella and I had fun snuggling on the couch, doing puzzles and playing.  Then when Peyton came back we had a "tater tot picnic" on the rug.  A good morning hanging out and being lazy.  I then went home and took a nap (instead of taking my car for an oil change like I had planned - oops)!

A few more days off which will be busy but hopefully some chance for relaxing too!


  1. Sounds like such a great Christmas! I love your sweater!

  2. Your hair looks so pretty- love the curls! Glad you had such a good Christmas!

  3. Looks like a fun filled Christmas! Love the scarf you are wearing! I am a little jealous about the snow cone machine! ;)

  4. What a wonderful Christmas you all had! Merry Christmas Jodi!

    Looking forward to seeing what the new year brings for you!

  5. Tons of fun here! All of the photos are great.

    I always love to see what people end up with in Yankee Swaps.

  6. It looks like a wonderful Christmas!

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  7. Ooooh, I'm diggin the curls! So glad to see you had a fabulous Christmas! May 2014 bring you nothing but more fabulousness! <3