Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Slumber Party

This weekend I experienced a first. . . I had BOTH of my nieces sleep over my house on the SAME night.  Crazy?  Maybe!  We had a lot of fun and it seems they both really enjoy coming to Boston!

Peyton and Ella LOVED riding the T.  I think next time they come to visit we are just going to ride the T with no place specific to go.  Since we were only on it for a couple of stops they were pretty disappointed and kept asking to ride it again!  It was unseasonably warm on Saturday with temps close to 50 degrees in Boston!

We went to Quincy Market so I could show they them the big Christmas tree.  They both liked it but were much more focused on getting to Build-A-Bear!  I gave them gift cards for Christmas and they couldn't wait to use them.

Build-A-Bear was surprisingly crowded.  I guess a lot of kids got gift cards for Christmas.  Peyton and Ella shopped around for which stuff animal they wanted.  They were most excited that they got to pick "whatever we want."  I could have predicted that Peyton would pick a dog and Ella chose a pony which was the closest to a unicorn she could find.  Ella is currently unicorn obsessed and Peyton has been a major dog lover for quite some time!  {Check out the bottom right picture of them "listening" to the sounds you can put in the animals. Haha!}

They were both SO happy with their animals and quickly made their way over to the "spa" for some pampering!  It is completely adorable to watch how serious they take the whole experience.  I loved watching them brush their fur.

We of course had to dress them in the most beautiful dresses available.  Oh and. . . they may have successfully begged for some extras. . . a "baby" pug and a leash for Peyton and a placemat and bowl for Ella.  Who was I kidding thinking a $25 gift certificate each would cover what they wanted needed?  Ha!  Seeing how happy they both were all night and the whole next day made it worth it.  They told everyone we saw "Jodi took us to Build-A-Bear and I got a dog/horse."  It was pretty cute. They were so proud carrying those boxes around Boston!

Oh and in case you were wondering Peyton named her Pug "Fluffy" and Ella named her pony "Sparkle" but may have changed it to "Chico" since we met a white horse (one of the carriage horses in Quincy Market) named that.  Too cute!

After the store Peyton caught a glimpse of these and immediately knew what they were for.  She ran over and asked me to take a picture.  They were at Dick's Last Resort which isn't always "PG" but luckily these were ok!

We went to dinner at P.F. Chang's and were more than accommodating regarding Ella's wheat and dairy allergies.  They already have a gluten free menu right on the regular menu but the manager also printed a dairy free menu from their "food matrix" and brought it over to me.  The cooks put all the dishes on special "logo" dishes as a reminder of the allergies.  Excellent system!  Very impressed!

Of course the girls were more interested in playing with their chop sticks and pretending to be "rhinoceros" which Peyton couldn't even pronounce and I had to inform her that I think she meant walruses!  Lol!i

Oh and that picture of Ella with the lettuce. . . after eating a lettuce wrap she just wanted the "salad" meaning the lettuce and proceeded to eat three pieces.  She is one funny kid!

We made our way back to my apartment and you would think that our busy afternoon would have made two tired girls but they were still pretty awake and excited about staying at my apartment.  We played, watched Care Bears, read books and snuggled in bed until they FINALLY fell asleep.  I slept in my living room on an air mattress and was asleep not long after them!

At 7:15 AM I heard their "Irish whispers" coming from my bedroom.  They played and giggled until about 7:40 when they finally came out to "wake" me.  I really didn't have much for breakfast food so we made an 8:00 AM trip to the grocery store down the street for some fruit.  The girls ate and apple and banana each when we got back to my apartment while watching a show.  I got ready for our breakfast out.

We went to the diner down the street from my place.  It is always empty when I've been there and the staff is SO nice.  The girls love the stools and counter and quickly made themselves at home dancing around the restaurant!

I told them I had a surprise for them and they were so excited. We quickly walked back to my placed and packed up their stuff.  While driving in the car to the secret location they tried to guess where we were going.  I gave the hint of something "soft."  Ella guess a bounce house which I thought was pretty clever for a  4 1/2 year old!  After giving a few more clues including "something you can hold" Peyton guessed we were going to see kitties.  Smart kids! :)
I took them to the MSPCA Adoption Center.  There is one in Boston where you can pet and hold the cats. They really like animals so I thought they would get a kick out of this.  Best part is. . . it is FREE!  We played with the cats for a while and the volunteers were great about holding the kitties for Peyton and Ella to pat.

The girls also loved the bunny room.  Unfortunately you aren't allowed to hold or pat the bunnies unless you are serious about adopting one but the girls still had fun watching these two jump around. The black and white one even jumped through that rainbow tunnel which was pretty cute!

We check out the room with the guinea pigs next but the girls were much more interested in the mice.  Go figure.  Ella thought they were "so cute" and couldn't stop looking for them hiding in their cages.  Ella checked out the birds too.

I asked the girls if they wanted to go in the dog room and of course they did.  I warned them that the dogs usually barked A LOT and LOUD when people walked by.  Of course that is exactly what happened and it startled the girls at first but then then found a puppy that was quiet and fell in love.  It was a pit bull/mix looking dog and recovering from surgery.  Peyton thought he looked sad so I had to explain to her that he had surgery and pointed out where he was shaved.  We later saw him going for a walk outside with a volunteer and he was pretty cute.  He got so excited when we talked to him that he peed and the girls thought that was hilarious!  Kids!

All in all it was a fun visit to the animal shelter.  This is one of the nicest "shelters" and they take really great care of the animals.  They are so nice to visitors too!

After all that fun it was time to return the girls to their parents!  We met up in a parking lot and did a quick trade off.

Of course one little guy got left behind.  It is always hard to keep track of all of their "friends" and this one was hiding under the covers.  So now I had a unicorn flashlight friend to keep me company!  Ella wasn't too happy when she realized she forgot it.  Thankfully she has several other new toys at home to keep her occupied until I can get this little guy back to her!

It was quite the slumber party!  I had a lot of fun with them and I hope it is something they will remember for a long time.  I'm glad that my Christmas gift to them including not only giving them something but doing something together!

And just like that my Christmas vacation is over.  Five days went so very fast.  I'm in denial about having to go back to work. . . I need to plan a Spring Break stat!!!

P.S.  Peyton with no front teeth has got to be one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time.  Every time she smiles she makes me smile.  I love it!

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  1. Looks like you girls had lots of fun!

  2. This is so cute, I wish I was still living in Boston to show my niece and nephew around for a sleepover! You're an awesome auntie!

  3. as I see all the fun the girls I had....I keep thinking you are making wonderful memories for them to keep for the rest of their lives.
    It goes by too fast....already New Year this week

  4. how adorable!!! Looks like a fun packed time with auntie :)


  5. You're a great aunt! I'm sure they love coming to spend time with you!

  6. So much love in this post! Both Ella and Peyton look like they had an absolutely blast with Aunt Jodi. And yes, what were you thinking with $25 to Build-A-Bear?? Hahahaha, how much did you actually spend?

  7. You are the best aunt ever Jodi! Those girls are beyond cute I can barely stand it!!! xo

  8. You do such fun things with them. They're so cute with their little suitcases. Celia is into Hello Kitty too. You were definitely a little brave taking both of them together, but I bet it gave Mom and Dad a fantastic little break :).

  9. Stopping by from Funday Monday Blog Hop! This looks like such a fun visit! I want to go and pat kitties :)

    <3 Vicki

  10. Such a fun visit! Build a Bear is so much fun to take kids too. They get so excited. Glad you had fun together!