Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Dog vs. The Toy

Who do you think won?

This is Neely.  My brother's dog.  She looks sweet and innocent here but let me tell you she can tear up a toy in less than 5 minutes and never look back!

One day a while back I was hanging out at my brother's house doing some laundry.  Nobody was home but Neely and I.  I wanted an ice coffee so I took her for a ride in the car to get one.  When we got home I noticed the dog toy I had been given at Blissdom months earlier.  I had kept forgetting to bring it to her.  So I finally gave it to her and she was SO excited.

She took several laps around the front yard and wanted me to play chase with her.  I was not having it. 

She "played" with her new toy for about 2 minutes and then was ready to go into the house to tear it to shreds.  Little did I know that should would be able to do this to a brand new toy that seemed pretty sturdy!

I went into the other room to switch over my laundry and returned to this.  It didn't take her long at all and she was quite proud of herself.  But she wasn't done. . .

She had that toy in pieces, including the tennis ball!

 I picked up all the pieces before she ate them and threw them in the trash.  RIP my little friend!

Clearly Neely was exhausted from all of that hard work.  She didn't move for an hour!  Ha!

Moral of the story.  Glad I got this toy for free.  Note to self: don't spend a lot of money on dogs toys for Neely b/c they only survive 5 minutes!!!!

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  1. Stopping by from Love it Link it! My parents dogs are just the same :)

    <3 Vicki

  2. Hahaha!! That's too funny. My parents' dogs do the same thing. They get new toys every year on Christmas morning and within 15 minutes, those things are decimated, and fuzz is everywhere. Lol

  3. It seems all dogs love to do this to toys....your moral of the story is so right:)

  4. Oh my goodness that is quick. I can't give my pup anything with stuffing or he does the same thing. They have to be sturdy plastic. I am so impressed he made it through the tennis ball!

  5. haha my dog always tears up toys!! i can't make him stop even if i think it's a sturdy one!