Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fashion Plates 2013

Another year of Fashion Plates has come and gone.  It was wonderful as always!  I'm still waiting for the professional photos from the actual fashion show but until then here are my iPhone candids from behind the scenes.

I loved all three of my outfits this year.  My pictures aren't that great because the flash on my iPhone wasn't turned on and the lighting in the room was weird. But you can get the idea of each look.  All the clothes are from Ports and Company which is a fabulous store on the South Shore.

The getting ready part is SO much fun.  Makeup artists and hair stylists from Salon Red and Spa in Boston donate their time to make us all look beautiful. 

They had about two hours to get seventeen models ready for the big event.  It is always a little hectic but they always get it done.  Everyone was looking very "runway" with some crazy hair styles including me!

I asked for "curls" and I got big hair that was very teased!  I don't think the stylist really gets my personality because he always wants to do wild hair on this girl.  Who knew my hair could get THAT big?! I didn't love it since I was looking for something a bit more glam but I went with it since it is a fashion show.

Right before the start of the fashion show Lisa and Lori, our emcees and Tami and Danielle, committee members, came backstage to wish us luck with a toast.  Then I had a few minutes to take candids of the models in their first outfits.

I am so honored to be a part of this event.  The models are all amazing women with MS. It is so nice to get to know everyone and hear bits and pieces of their stories.  I love that this event is about real people.  I love that we are all living life to the fullest and not letting MS keep us down!

Each model walks the runway alone three times (once in each outfit) and then for the finale all the models go out on the runway together (still in our third outfit).  This was right before the finale.  Unfortunately there isn't a lot of time to take photos backstage once the show starts but this was a quick fun one! 

The first time each model walks the runway one of the emcees, Lori Grande, reads a "bio" about that woman.  In addition a slide of the person is up on two big screens on either side of the stage. We are able to select a quote and photos to put on our slide.  I've changed my photos and quote each year just to keep things fresh! 

Right before the finale a winner for each raffle basket was selected.  Despite buying six tickets I did not win. I was really hoping I might win since I've been lucky recently with winning raffles.  The baskets were AWESOME and I hope each of the winners really enjoys their loot.  I'm dying to know if the "Strike It Rich" basket ($1,000 in scratch tickets) winner won any money.  Wouldn't it be fun if he/she won big bucks!?

After the finale all the models leave the runway to greet their family and friends.  I'm so thankful to have had such a supportive cheering squad at my table.  Thank you mom, Aunt Cathy, Aunt Nancy, Katelyn and Emily.  It means so much to me that you were all there!

I said goodbye to them and took the stage for our annual committee photo.  While we were waiting for everyone to get there I had a chance to grab a photo with my friend Ilka (left) and my friend Missy (right).  The center is Missy, Danielle, Ilka and me.  We are all on the committee!

Then it is time for the after party!  Piper is always so generous to open up her home to us.  We went back for some food and more champagne!  It was so fun to chat with everyone about the show. 

That's a wrap!!!  Another Fashion Plates is in the books.  Oh and by the way it was the biggest one yet with almost 600 guests in attendance.  I can't wait to hear how much money we raised.

Professional photos hopefully coming this week and I'll do another blog posts with those so keep an eye out!

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  1. Wish I could have come! Love your outfits- too bad you don't get to keep them :)

  2. Jodi, you look fantastic!! That red dress is beautiful, and fit you so well. I thought the hair was fun, maybe not your style like you said, but when are you ever going to get a chance to strut your stuff with big hair like that again? Work it, girl!!!

    I wish they did events like this for SLE, I would participate in a heartbeat! Glad you had such a great night for such a wonderful cause <3 Can't wait to see the professional shots

  3. This looks like sooo much fun! Fashion, cocktails and some girl-talk to support an amazing cause? Yes, please!

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  4. It looks like it was a great event! The red dress looked great on you!

  5. Look at you in the little red dress! HOT LADY!

    It's so awesome that you do this each year :)

    Thanks for linking up!