Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Fun With Friends

I can't think of a better way to spend the first day of fall.  Back on September 22nd I went to  Brooksby Farm with my friend and her son.  I was actually working that day for a private practice client but I had time to kill and this farm was in the area.  It was my first time there and it was a beautiful day.

While I was waiting for my friend to arrive I walked around and took some photos of all the mums.  They were SO pretty and I couldn't get over all of the colors.  It was also the first day using my iPhone with the ios7update and I was immediately in LOVE with the camera update.  Let's just say it is amazing.

We took the hayride out to the apple orchard to do some picking.  I must admit I was VERY disappointed with the apples.  We were sent to a section where the trees were pretty much picked bare.  We really had to search to find apples and when we did they were VERY small.  But we still had a ton of fun and Carter loved climbing all the trees.

On our way out of the orchard a staff person was standing there directing people toward a new area that they had "just opened."  We were so mad!  We walked over and there were TONS of apples.  TONS!!!!  So we picked a few and got rid of some of our smallest apples (sorry I know it is a waste but they were crappy apples).

I love these pictures with Carter. I was tickling him to try to get him to smile and he is just too cute!

I thought this was the perfect pumpkin!  Carter wanted to see how heavy it was! HA!

We also made sure to check out all the animals.  They were ok but no goats and we all know how much I like goats from this post!

Oh and not pictured are the cider donuts I bought.  I bought a 1/2 dozen to share and then after I got them my friend reminded me that she doesn't like cinnamon.  Oh well more for me.  Yes I ate them all.

We had such a nice afternoon.  I wouldn't necessarily go back to this farm for apple picking but I would for a visit or to shop in their little market.

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  1. Oh my gosh, you took those photos with your iPhone?!?!?!? They are beautiful! To me, nothing is more pretty than fall scenery. Loving the pics! Carter has the sweetest little face!

  2. I told MFD we must go to a freaking pumpkin patch this weekend. Must must must.

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! That looks amazing. I really want to go apple picking!!

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I love doing stuff like that! Glad you had a great time!

  5. Great pictures! Looks like it was so much fun!!


  6. Lovely places to visit. Your photos are gorgeous! I love armchair traveling with you.
    Hope you are well!

  7. I LOVE Brooksby Farm! It's in the city I grew up in, and I went to a summer camp there as a kid.
    When I was there as a kid, there was a goat. His name was Elmo.

    Oh wow. I haven't been to BF in years, but your photos are bringing fun memories to mind.