Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Back To Clean Eating & A Special Couple With MS

Happy Tuesday! Today I'm talking about eating healthy and also sharing a guest post from a fellow MS'er.  Y'all know I don't have guest bloggers very often so when I do it is something I'm really passionate about.

We can all probably relate to Jennifer's struggle with weight.  While my situation is not the same as hers in terms of size I still know what it is like to have to make healthy food choices all day long.  For a while I was doing really great with "clean eating" and then summer arrived. . . and I got into some bad habits.  So I'm back at it.  I went grocery store yesterday and filled my basket with fruits, veggies and healthy snacks.  Hopefully I can cut back (way back) on the sugar again.

Living with MS, one of the biggest things I deal with on a daily basis is fatigue.  I don't need to do anything unhealthy to make myself feel more sluggish and tired.  So eating a lot of junk is not a good idea.  When I eat healthy and clean I feel better and have more energy.  That is a good thing.

Please hold me accountable.  When/if I post a pic on IG of "bad" food you have my permission to comment/yell at me!

Please keep reading.  I want you to know more about this amazing couple, Dan and Jennifer Digmanns who write a blog by the same name.  These two are pretty inspiring.  They are both living with MS, Dan with RRMS (like myself) and Jennifer with Secondary Progressive MS.

They met at an MS event, specifically a group called "Finding Your Buried Treasure" which was a day long program to help people living with MS rediscover their goals and dreams.  Oh did Dan and Jennifer find their buried treasure?  They sure did!  They discovered each other and were married in 2005.  Since then they have shared their lives on their blog and by public speaking all over the country.  They also wrote a book, "Despite MS, To Spite MS."  These two are not letting MS get them down that is for sure.

Jennifer is teaming up with Healthline to get healthier by eating better.  Below she shares some of her personal struggles with eating healthy.

My Constant Struggle

by Jennifer Digmann

I never thought my clothes closet would teach me a lesson about multiple sclerosis. But it did, and here’s how. . .
Lately, I have developed a new routine when I get dressed in the morning, and I am really getting tired of it... my morning search through my closet.

It happens as I frantically slide the hangers around to see the front of my shirts. But I'm less concerned about how they look. I’m checking out the size on each shirt’s tag. 

My mental dialogue is something like, “No,” and the hanger screeches as I slide it on to look at the next shirt.

"No,” screech. “An XL, really? When’s the last time I wore an XL?” Another screech. “No, seriously was last night’s dessert worth it?” and one final screech, “Oh good, a double XL.”

I put in on and once again make my audible declaration, “Today is the day. Honestly, today I get back on Weight Watchers. For real!”

Over the next few hours, I’m good. Excellent choices for breakfast. At lunch, I’m still making healthy choices. Okay, maybe I didn’t need that extra piece of candy but nobody’s perfect.

By dinner time, I only wish it was something as minor as candy. In reality, it’s probably an extra helping of the main dish or one more roll. And if, on the odd chance, I was able to be good through dinner, there still is that tempting time in front of the television.

“Popcorn wouldn’t be all that bad, would it?” Truthfully it would not be all that bad but it’s those pieces of chocolate that pair so well with the popcorn. I’ll have all of that and with my stuffed and satisfied full belly, I’ll fall asleep on the couch for a few hours.

After waking up with a sore neck and some serious guilt, I’ll wake up my husband, Dan, (aka my partner-in-crime) who is sacked out on the couch next to me. Finally, we’ll actually go to bed and get a few good hours of sleep.

And my last thought before falling asleep is always, “I’ve got to be better! I promise tomorrow, I’ll do better.”

Does any of that sound familiar? If so, what are you doing about it?

As frustrating and unpredictable as multiple sclerosis can be, diet is the one aspect of this disease that I have control over.

I realize that if I am overweight, it is harder for me to perform activities of daily living. It is also harder for Dan and my caregivers to help transfer, exercise and just move around in general. Those are the people that care for me and I care for, so I do not want to make their job any more difficult.
There are a lot of healthy choices out there and starting today; I am going to make them. 

I hope you'll follow along with Jennifer's journey and cheer her along as she makes healthier food choices!  We all known how powerful this blogging community is and with our support I know Jennifer can be successful!  Best wishes Jennifer.  We'll all be cheering you on!


  1. Hi Jodi thanks for your kind words :) Just read this post and I thought that it was great. I agree that diet is really important and I know that I always feel better when I eat healthy.

    P.S I went and changed my settings for the email. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. I always feel so much better when I eat healthy!

  3. I see many people that share the same autoimmune disorder I have and struggle with fatigue and/or their weight. Maintaining a healthy, clean diet should be a priority for EVERYONE - great point Jodi xo

  4. great!!!
    would you like to follow each other?
    just let me know

  5. Hi Jodi, thanks again for your help :) I didn't even know about this no reply setting.This made things so much easier!!!