Saturday, September 21, 2013

Walking 50 Miles Might Be Easier Than Blogging About It!

So yes I do realize that it has been two weeks since the MS Challenge Walk and I still haven't blogged about it.  I've been so busy with work and events/committee meetings after work that I've had no time.  Plus I really want to get all my thank you notes to all my donors mailed so I'm working hard on finishing those!  I really do think it was easier to walk 50 miles than to blog a recap post about it.

Today I'm sharing a teaser. . . I promise I'm organizing all of the photos and working on a full recap post for Monday!

 DAY 1 - 20 Miles - Hyannis to Brewster

 DAY 2 - 20 Miles - Brewster to Brewster (10 miles down and 10 miles back on the CCRT)

DAY 3 - 10 Miles - Brewster to Dennis


- Gorgeous weather all 3 days
- Fluffernutter sandwiches
- Amazing crew
- Candy at every rest stop
- Ice cream truck
- Massages
- Reflexology
- Hot showers
- Less blisters than last year
- Wine!!!
- Saturday evening program
- Team Quills homemade caramels
- Nobody got hit by a biker on the CCRT
- No heat rash
- No rain
- Munchins
- Good conversation
- Catching up with old friends
- Thankful I can eat all the above mentioned food plus more since I was walking 50 miles!!!!

SO much more!  Full recap is on the way. . .

The Bean Team is already registered for 2014.  Join us!  Don't want to walk?  You don't have to! Join the crew and have just as much fun w/o the blisters!!!

P.S. I think we look just as good in our finish photos as we do in our start photos each day (if I do say so myself)! Big difference from last year!!!


  1. It looks like yall had so much fun while doing a great thing, 50 wow

  2. Wow great job! Can't wait to hear more details!

  3. Fluffernutter sandwiches? Yum! So proud of you- can't wait to hear more!