Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Bean Team Swag

You may remember that a few months ago I shared The Bean Team's new logo with all of you.  Amanda from Sweet Tea Paperie was kind enough to design it for me and I LOVE it.

So of course I needed to order some new stuff with our logo to have at the MS Challenge Walk this weekend.

Since Vistaprint has some amazing deals I got several things.  You know how it is. . . you start out ordering one or two things and then they start offering you others things for super great prices.  How could I resist?

Sorry for the crappy photos (used my iPhone at night so lighting was terrible)!

The Banner

 The Tote Bag

The iPhone Case
Isn't this adorable?  I had to have it when it popped up as one of my "special offers."  I think it was $9 bucks!  I love it and my iPhone will be styling at the walk!

The Hat
So I actually made the hat to give to my dad for his birthday but I accidentally ordered the screen printed one instead of the embroidered one (I made both to see which I liked better so they were both in my saved items).  I called Vistaprint when my order came thinking they had made a mistake but was informed I had ordered it.  Oops!  Their customer service is amazing and she quickly told me she would credit me for the amount so I could order the correct item.  So happy and will order from Vistaprint again!!!!

The Luggage Tag
I know this is super dorky but it was SO cheap I could not resist.  It will be helpful to have on my bag since it gets delivered to the camps at the end of the first day!

The Sticker
I actually ordered a couple stickers in different sizes since you never know what they might come in handy for!

TheVino2Go with The Bean Team Logo on it!
So this item is actually what started my whole logo shopping spree!  I got it in my head that it would be an adorable gift to give my sister-in-law/teammate.  When we get back to the camp after walking all day they serve beer and wine.  Now considering how tire we are from walking so far it is helpful to have a spill proof wine glass!  Enter Vino2Go.  Genius!  I ordered these personalized clear stickers from Sticker You.  I love the way this came out!  Of course I had to get one for myself too!  Cheers!!

All the stuff I ordered on Vistaprint was super cheap w/ coupon codes and discounts they offer as you shop. . . so I really didn't spend that much!  I'm excited for all the fun logo stuff and can't wait to use it all at the walk.

Oh and of course we'll have shirts for the walk but you'll have to wait to see those.  I know the suspense will kill you!  Ha!

And then The MS Challenge Walk was here.  After preparing for so long it is time. . .

I'll be walking 20 miles on Friday, 20 miles on Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday.  I can use all the comments, tweets, emails, FB posts, etc.  Please keep Jenn and I (and all the other walkers and volunteers) in your prayers.  I will be posting to FB, IG and Twitter so following along to see how we are doing!!!



  1. wow that looks AWESOME!!!! love it all!

  2. Woohoo! Will be thinking of you this weekend :) Good luck!

  3. Everything looks amazing! You guys will do great!

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  5. what fun stuff! good luck, jodi and jenn!

  6. I love it! So awesome...good luck today!

  7. I love Vistaprint, I've always had great luck with them.

    Your swag is awesome. Good luck! Have fun!

  8. Look at all that swag!! I love the logo you decided on-- it looks great. Hope your weekend walking goes well!

  9. i love it!! love the phone case and your logo!

  10. Totally diggin all The Bean Team stuff! You crack me up. At this point, you have 10 miles to go! yOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  11. Loved the photos you posted, so proud of you for doing the 50 Jodi!!!!!!!!

  12. How adorable! I love it. And I Loved following along with you via IG :)

  13. love the logo! the cell phone case is super cute

  14. What a cute logo! I hope the walk went well!