Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summer Wrap-Up

Since Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer I thought I would take a look back on my summer.  I wasn't the best blogger this summer so there might even be some things in this post that I forgot to share - hint, hint! ;)  So go ahead and see for yourself!

This summer I went to Fenway Park for 3 games and 1 tour.  I can't believe I only saw 3 games. That is a low for me. I wanted to see more but it just didn't happen.  Hope to catch 1 more before the season is over.  The best part was seeing a Red Sox vs. Rangers game with my baseball loving friend from Dallas, Rachel!

This summer I got to see 3 awesome concerts.  The best part was that each concert had more than one headliner which is like seeing even more concerts!  I saw NKOTB/98 Degrees/BoysIIMen in June at the Boston Garden, Jason Aldean/Miranda Lambert in July at Fenway Park and Maroon 5/Kelly Clarkson in August at the Comcast Center.  I love going to summer concerts and thought these were all amazing shows.

This summer I drank plenty of sangria which is my most favorite drink.  Whenever I see it on the menu I have to get it.  It is just SO good! 

This summer I bought a NEW car!  Yup I did and I didn't even blog about it.  It all happened very fast.  Like really fast.  My car had an "issue" on a Sunday and I purchased the new car that Thursday. I don't mess around.  My parents, especially my dad was very helpful and I'm grateful for his expertise and great bargaining and number crunching skills!  It is a 2013 Hyundai Elantra Limited and has all the bells and whistles.  I've never had a car w/ a sunroof, heated seats, back up camera, blue tooth, etc so this is VERY exciting!  Oh and much cheaper to fill the gas tank than it was with my SUV! :)

This summer I did plenty of MS training walks in preparation for the 50 mile walk this weekend.  I probably didn't do enough but I did WAY more than last year (which wasn't that hard since I did hardly any last year)!  I did a 10 mile walk for my longest distance.  I hope I'm better prepared physically this year.  Fingers crossed!  Oh and I must admit that walking in Boston (along the Charles River and through downtown) and on the Cape (along the beach) are not bad places to train.  I had some excellent views!

This summer I made the decision to change my MS treatment.  I stopped the weekly injections (Avonex) and went on a new oral med (Tecfidera) which did not go well at all.  Bad memories.  I then went on another (newish) oral med Gilenya and it has been easy!  I love it.  No major side effects so far.  I'm so happy to be done with injections.

This summer I had a staycation!  Rachel came to visit and we did so many fun things including several things I had never done before.  We did the Freedom Trail, JFK Library, Fenway Park tour, Red Sox vs. Rangers game, Salem, Newport and more!  It was an awesome vacation in my own state!

This I had a wonderful vacation in Southern California that including seeing old friends and seeing one of my best friends get married!  It was such a great time.  I only wish I could have stayed longer.  Oh and the weather was amazing while I was there!

This summer I had several get togethers with ladies I met through blogging!  I took my first trip ever to Martha's Vineyard to meet Meg (top left).  Amanda (middle left) and I had brunch while I was in California.  While in California I also had the change to meet Leeann, Kat and Amy (top right minus Amy).  Jessica (bottom left) and I had the longest coffee date ever and it was so fun.  Several of my Boston Blogger buddies and I said goodbye to Abby since she moved to California (bottom middle - Susan, Georgina, Abby, me, Agnes).   Last but not least, I attended the summer Boston Bloggers event and finally got to meet Kate and Emily (bottom right)!  All and all a successful summer in terms of "blates."  I must admit that I had more blates than dates (we need to change that stat)!

This summer I raised a lot of money for MS!  Jenn and I both did actually.  We each had a fundraiser on our own (mine) (hers) and we had one together at The Paint Bar.  All were successful and a lot of fun!

This summer I spent tons of time on the Cape which also meant tons of family time!  My nieces love the Cape so it is always fun to hang with them there!  It was great having my grandmother on the Cape for the whole summer too!

This summer I went to North Conway, NH for a long weekend with some of my family.  We had a great time and the weather couldn't have been better.  It is always nice to see the mountains and the outlets too. Haha!

This summer I. . . had no time to blog as much as I wanted to, or to read my friends' blogs or to comment on blogs.  After writing this post I can see why!  Whew!  It was a VERY busy summer.  I'm sad that it is over but at the same time it is time to get back on track.  My house is a mess and my eating is certainly not clean.  So the fun is over!  Just kidding I'm sure the Fall will be filled with plenty of fun times!

What was the highlight of your summer?  I could never pick one which is why this blog post is so long!  Too many great times to choose.


  1. I see that you had a summer of fun in the pics...and a new car also. New med too

  2. I'm tired from just reading about all the fun things you did! But, I remember knowing about your new car. You sure you didn't blog about it? Maybe it was brought up in our back and forth emails.

  3. I didn't even go to ONE sox game...wahhh wahhh

  4. Loved your summer wrap-up! What a busy few months you're had! Such fun. :)

  5. awesome post idea! looks like you had a jam packed, fun filled summer!!

  6. We have the exact same car!!! Isn't it awesome?? What a great summer you had! :)

  7. You did have a busy summer! But it looks like it was a blast! And I love your new car. It's so shiny! Good luck again this weekend!

  8. Holy cow! You had a crazy busy summer! But so much fun stuff :) Yay for a new car- I am so jealous!

  9. Looks like such a fantastic Summer, Jodi!! What a great way to recap everything!