Friday, September 27, 2013

Five On Friday


Thursday night I "celebrated" my 5 year MS anniversary.  I invited friends and family to join me at a local put and called it "Cheers to 5 Years."  It was a small group but still nice!


In honor of my 5 year anniversary I bought myself a new Alex and Ani bracelet. I thought the cupcake one was perfect since a donation goes to the Nancy Davis Foundation which is an organization that is dedicated to the treatment and ultimate cure of MS.  I love Alex and Ani bracelets!


 My dad's 65th birthday was on September 5th but he was in Vegas on vacation with my mom. So we celebrated a little late and the night we could all get together ended up being on September 11th. I can't think of a better way to spend that day. . . with family!  Oh and my mom actually put 65 candles on his cake. It took all 3 of them to blow them all out! Ha!


 One of my good friend's had a baby a few weeks ago.  I got to meet her last week and she is SO adorable!  I love baby's with a  lot of hair!  She was so alert the whole time I was there.  It was so nice getting my "baby fix" for a couple of hours!


I've already been apple picking twice (blog posts coming soon) and I made apple crisp the other day!  It is one of my favorite desserts.  SO good!



  1. I have been seeing those Alex & Ani bracelets all over. I need to get myself one, I love the look of them.

    That apple crisp looks YUM! You must share the recipe :)

  2. Hi there, you have a sweet sweet blog! Are you from Boston? I see you are a Red Sox fan!


  3. Apple crisp is hands down my favorite dessert! Cheers to 5 years!!

  4. Cheers to 5 years!! I've never heard of those bracelets, but they seem to be all the rage like Pandora was a few years ago. Very cute!