Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2013 MS Challenge Walk - Day 3 Recap

Day 3 of the MS Challenge Walk is easy b/c it is only 10 miles.  Believe me, 10 miles seems like nothing after walking 20 miles each of the prior days.  Don't forget to read about Day 1 and Day 2.
The Bean Team was packed up and ready to go bright and early on Sunday morning! Isn't our cabin so cute?  We were in a different one this year than we've been in for the past few years.  It was basically the same as our other cabin and really the most important thing isn't the cabin it is getting a bottom bunk (b/c who really wants to climb up to a top bunk after walking 20 miles!?)

I can't remember what time we got on the route but it was early. . . maybe 7:30?  All I know is that we were walking so early that church hadn't even started yet!  I think we walked by 6 or 7 churches on Sunday and they were all quiet!!!  I had to take pictures of these two b/c they are so pretty and it was such a beautiful day with a gorgeous bright blue sky!

The 2nd rest stop on Sunday is the Dunkin Donuts rest stop.  You really can't go far in Massachusetts without coming across a DD and the same holds true on the Challenge Walk! Ha!  I love me some munchkins so it is always a happy stop for me.  Oh and get a load of the shirt on the left - "Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks." Love it!

Photo credit: top left Susan Howard, bottom left Andrew Child, bottom middle Zach Child
We leave the DD rest stop and hit the hills.  So it is a good idea to carbo load by eating a few munchkins! The hills are no fun but we got through them.  The photographers seems to like us on Day 3 and we got quite a few photos taken of us.  Jenn and I had a joke all 3 days that as soon as we got near the photographers they would put their camera down and take a break. Seriously it happened several times and we would just laugh.  I love the pic on the top left that my friend Susan took!

Before we knew it we were in the home stretch with less than a mile left.  I sent a text to my mom so she would get to the finish line (actually the pre-finish line).  We finished so early that the photographers weren't even at the finish line yet.  They were still out on the course.  So no professional photos of us crossing the finish line but we took our own!  I can't remember what time we finished - maybe around 10:30?  We ran in and signed up for massages which was a great finish line treat.

It is the pre-finish line b/c it is where we all gather so that we can all finish together.  So we hang out at this school and eat lunch.  It is a big bbq and it is SO good.  We get our shirts - orange for people w/ MS and blue for everyone else.  We then load the school buses and head to Hyannis.  We walk down Main St. in Hyannis for a parade to the real finish line.  It is awesome.  My nieces, brother and dad were sitting on the sidewalk waiting for us to walk by in the parade!

We had plenty of time to relax and catch up w/ friends which was great.  The top left photo is my IG friend Rachel. She followed me on IG by doing a hashtag search a few months ago.  I followed her back and we've been "talking" on IG since then.  We FINALLY got to meet at the finish line!

Tom in the top right photo and Betsy in the bottom left photo are both high school friends (Jenn went to the same high school too).  So we all know each other from when we were younger and reconnected at the Challenge Walk!  (Tom walks for his sister who is also Betsy's best friend - she lives in FL).

The bottom right photo is Julie, a fellow model at Fashion Plates!

Photo credit: top photo Dan Young
To get 500 walkers and 200 crew members over to the parade you need a lot of buses.  This isn't even all of them!  Do you see us?  Left side, 2nd seat!!!

The Bean Team may be small at the Challenge Walk but that is ok.  We raise a lot of money and have a ton of fun!  We've already grown our team for next year.  My cousin's wife, Meghan is going to walk with us and her mother might do crew.  I've also heard of a couple others who may be interested in doing crew.  We still have room for more so let me know if you would like to join us!!!

The parade ends on the Village Green in Hyannis (same place we started Friday morning).  There are tons of family members and friends waiting there to cheer us in and it is pretty awesome!  There is a brief closing ceremony and lots of cheering!

Peyton and Ella were SO excited to see Jenn.  They wanted nothing to do w/ me but I did convince Peyton to pose for a pic w/ me!  They both made us really cute signs too which was super sweet!  Oh and aren't the shirts I made them cute!?

My family then went across the street to grab a bite to eat and a celebratory drink!

It was an awesome weekend.  It was so much better than last year in terms of  how I felt.  I did it last year w/ hardly any traininging.  This year I trained more and felt great.  I really didn't think I would feel as good as I did (b/c I didn't train as much as I thought I should) but I guess it was enough!  It is hard work and it is tiring but it isn't impossible.  If I can do it w/ MS anyone can do it!  And the great thing is if you can't walk all 50 you can walk what you can.  Plenty of people do what they can and get a ride if they need one.  It is such a supportive community and we all do what we can to contribute!

So every year I have taken a picture with this balloon tower and I think it is so funny to look at them all together.  It is like a kid's first day of school pic! Ha!

So I can now close the book on the 2013 MS Challenge Walk.  I've written and mailed all of my thank you notes and I've blogged about all 3 days!!!!!!

THANK YOU!  Thanks so much for all of your support.  So many bloggers made donations to me and that is totally awesome.  This community of bloggers is fantastic.  I love getting emails, tweets, FB messages and texts from all of you.  You encouraged me to walk each mile and I couldn't have done it w/o your support.  xoxo

And now the fundraising begins for 2014.  Just kidding.  I'm taking a break for a few months.  But registration is open and I have a coupon code for $50 off.  Soooooooo if you are thinking of joining us now is a really good time to register.  For just $25 bucks you get a fabulous weekend w/ me!  Ha!  No really it is such a fun time and we would love to have you as a walker or crew member.


  1. Jodi I LOVED this recap and teared up by the time I got to the little photo of Peyton! What a wonderful time you had, so happy for you and PROUD!!!

  2. Loved the recap, all three days! You guys did awesome!

  3. That looks like SUCH a fun walk!!! I just love the churches in New England... there really is nothing like it anywhere else. Also, I just adore that lady's shirt that says "friends don't let friends drink starbucks". This post basically makes me want to go back to MA. And congrats on finishing not only one year, but FOUR! You are a beast!