Monday, September 23, 2013

2013 MS Challenge Walk - Day 2 Recap

Make sure you read my Day 1 recap that I posted yesterday.  You can find it here.

Saturday morning it was the traditional early morning wake up call.  One of the MS Society staff members drives around the camp beeping her horn and playing "It's A Beautiful Day" by U2. It is really loud and really annoying at 5 AM. Yup they wake us up early!  So we were up and it was a chilly start to the day.  Jenn and I made the best of being up early and ran over to the medical tent to get our blisters drained and our feet taped.  There was no wait which was awesome!

We grabbed some breakfast and walked over to the field where the official opening ceremony would take place.  We stretched.  I was feeling really tight but overall really good.  Much better than last year on Day 2.  I was really (happily) surprised that I wasn't more sore.  

We got to chat w/ Kelly and Terri (bottom right pic) who grew up in the house next to mine and they use to babysit me. Their older sister has MS so they walk in honor of her.  My mom ran into them last year at the walk - small world!

We were walking by 8:40 AM and Jenn and I made sure to get toward the front of the pack again today.  It's not a race or anything but we wanted to keep a good pace.  One of the first rest stops was the "MS Strong" one and it was so inspirational and patriotic. We had to get a pic w/ the banner and of course I had to stop to lift some weights! Ha!

Day 2 of the walk is mostly on the CCRT. You basically walk 10 miles down, eat lunch, rest, and walk 10 miles back.  So you see the same rest stops twice.  The "bees" were there again this year and we ran into the "ra ra" crew there too.  The girls in orange have the job of riding around the route and cheering us on.  They were awesome!

This was my favorite rest stop again this year.  They go all out.  They are so into the whole thing and make it so much fun for the walkers.  They must pose for 500 pics throughout the day.  Oh and they are so helpful they practically grab your water bottle out of your hands to refill it for you! 

The above rest stop might of had the ice cream truck there (before lunch) and I might have eaten a pre-lunch treat! We got to lunch and I was so full from eating all day that I hardly ate my fluffernutter!  We ran into Julie (my friend from Fashion Plates) and her daughter Ruby at lunch and they were having a great day walking. It was their first year and first day! Woo hoo!

After lunch we started the 10 mile journey back to the Sea Camps. I remembered that at this point last year I was hurting.  Like really bad.  One of the staff members even asked me if I was ok and if I needed a ride back to the camps.  This year was another story.  I was tired and my feet were sore but overall I felt good and knew I could tackle the last 10 miles.  We walked the first couple w/ a high school friend, Betsy and her teammate so that made the time fly by. . .

The support crew in cars, on motorcycles and on bikes are the best.  They ride along the route and cheer us on the entire way.  It is so nice to see a smiling face when you are starting to feel like you can't walk another step!
We made it back to the Sea Camps at 3:30 PM and my mom and dad (who had landed that morning on a red-eye from Vegas) were there to greet us!  Always nice to see family at the finish line!

That afternoon was much of the same. . . feet soak, massages, showers, dinner and wine!  It was a beautiful afternoon and everyone hung out around the Big Top Tent. Gilenya (my new oral MS treatment) was there for the weekend w/ gift bags and a fun photo booth.  Jenn and I made have taken a picture in it.  Or 4.  Haha! 

The Saturday evening program is always filled w/ tears.  Each year two walkers are selected to share their story and this year they were extremely emotional especially one woman who shared about her rock bottom only months earlier when she considered suicide.  She was so depressed over her declining health due to MS.  Fortunately, she didn't do it and now she is getting the help she needs. So brave of her to share her personal story w/ us so we can all remember why we walk 50 miles and why we raise so much money.  I may be one of the "healthy" ones w/ MS which I am so thankful for but that could change at any moment.  There are so many others out there who don't have it as good as me and I want to help them.  Nobody should be faced w/ considering suicide b/c of MS!

We then had the candle ceremony that they do every year.  I didn't take any pictures this year b/c every year I feel like I take the same pic of us holding our candles.  So look at last year's post here if you want to see pics!

Day 2 was a good day.  It was beautiful weather for walking and we so appreciated that.  We hit the hay pretty early again since we were exhausted from being up at 5 AM!

Day 3 to come next. . .


  1. Aw this is so amazing! It looks like so much fun too!

  2. So glad you had great weather. I love the emotional parts of doings like this. I feel like I'm always on the verge of tears - mostly just tears of appreciation for being involved in something awesome.

  3. It looks so fun but so hard also....massages were nice to looked good too. I appreciate all the events like this that help MS

  4. What an inspiring and thoroughly uplifting blog you have.... thankyou! xx p.s. love you to check out my blog sometime! xx