Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 MS Challenge Walk - Day 1 Recap

Well, well, well. . . it has only taken me 2 weeks so get this recap together.  To sum it up in a word, the 2013 MS Challenge Walk was. . . AWESOME! This was my 2nd year walking it and it was so much easier this year.  I discovered that training prior to walking 50 miles in 3 days actually does make a difference! 

I guess I took a lot more pictures this year b/c last year I was able to recap the whole walk in one blog post but this year I have way too many pics for that.  So you get a blog post for each day!

Oh and if you want to read my recap about last year go here.

Jenn and I parked our cars at the assigned parking lot at the beach, dropped off our luggage and jumped on the shuttle which took up over to the Hyannis Village Green.  We took some official starting line pictures and warmed up a bit.

I also did some "carbo-loading."  It is very necessary to eat a donut prior to walking 20 miles!  Friday was an optional start day this year due to the Jewish Holiday.  So there were about 100 less walkers on Day 1.  They did a short opening ceremony and then we were off!   

Day 1 is great b/c for much of the walking you are on streets so there are a lot of interesting things to look at and of course the beach is a great view while walking!

There are over 200 people who volunteer on The Crew (including my mom).  The Crew is amazing!  They spoil us rotten and let me tell you we look forward to every single rest stop.  It is so nice to see their smiling faces cheering us on.  Oh and the Gatorade refills and candy aren't so bad either!

Each rest stop usually comes up w/ a theme and dresses up.  On Day 1 we saw a Vegas theme and my friend Susan was "52 Pickup" (top left pic).  Some other themes on Day 1 were 50's, Mardi Gras and The Adams Family which I should have taken a pic of them but you can see some of their signs in the left top and bottoms pics.

It is always very exciting to cross a town line b/c that means we are that much closer to our final destination for Day 1.  Dennis is so pretty to walk through.

Oh and I may have posted the bottom right pic on IG saying "I got leied on the MS Challenge Walk."  I thought it was funny! :)

It was a gorgeous day!  We thought it would be chilly w/ temps in the mid 60's predicted but it was much warmer than that (at least in the sun). The sky was so blue and beautiful.  The above pics  are of my favorite part of the walk on Day 1 (well except for the finish line)!

The Crew at lunch are fabulous.  They must make 1000 sandwiches and the highlight for me is eating a fluffernutter!  Yum!  Then soon after lunch an ice cream truck is at one of the rest stops with FREE ice cream.  It is the best!

 The 2nd half of Day 1 is spent on the CCRT.  While it gets boring at times it is SO pretty!

Jenn and I made it back to the Sea Camps in record time.  I think it was 3:20 PM.  We started walking at 8:30 AM.  That is FAST my friends.  And do you want to know why we walked so fast?  We were determined to get bottom bunks! Haha!  Usually my mom grabs beds for us since she is on The Crew at the Big Top Tent but she wasn't there Day 1 so we had to fend for ourselves.  Luckily we were the first ones to our cabin and had our pick of beds!!!

The good thing about getting back so early is that we had time to soak our feet, get massages AND have reflexology.  Usually the reflexology is all filled up so we've never had it.  It was so relaxing. 

We went to dinner in our walk clothes then we went and took showers.  Once we were all clean it was FINALLY time to drink wine.  My vino2go was perfect for the occasion!!! 

We enjoyed a short evening program and then went to bed.  Jenn was asleep before 9:00 PM while the lights in the cabin were still on and I wasn't far behind her! 

P.S.  The theme of the walk this year was Pirates so that is why you will see pirate related things throughout my pics (aka: bottom right pic - lol)!

Day 1 was great.  We had beautiful weather and felt great while walking.  We ate plenty of candy all along the route and had plenty to talk about. 

Thank you to everyone who sent me/us messages.  I loved getting your tweets, likes, emails and calls.  It was so motivating! 

Hope you enjoyed reading about Day 1.  Day 2 is next!

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  1. Amazing! I love the themes at the refuel stations. Can't wait to see more.